What's New In The Life Of John Cena? Pathetic Yet True.

Gary JohnsonContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

John Cena.  Love him or hate him, he is one of the biggest money makers the WWE has seen.  

I just read a bunch of little pieces of info on him and what he is doing or has done in the last couple weeks.  Seems like Cena really is rated PG


First off...He's guest starring on Hannah Montana.  


Really Cena?  Really?  If there was anyone who questioned his belief in the PG system, this definitely seals the deal.



Here is the next part that sickens me, I'll just copy and paste this other writer's words.  


"With the buzz around his new movie "Legendary" reaching a fever pitch, John Cena took some time to speak with HollywoodLife.com and let it be known that he'd love to see the crazy cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" on Raw.

“I think they’d be a cool group to invade Raw,” the Superstar said. ”They have so much personality and are so unpredictable.”

Cena didn't say whether or not he'd let Snooki accompany him to the ring, but the WWE Universe can probably guess that answer."


Sigh...I really wish I was making this up you guys.  I really wish.


Oh, and all movie critics are saying Cena's movie "Legendary" is great...for a Hallmark feel-good movie.  Most have called it predictable, cheesy, and almost boring.  So to any of you who were hoping for Cena to pull "The Rock" and book it to Hollywood, sorry...isn't gonna happen.  


I typed this very quickly seeing as how I have class in about 15 minutes.  Sorry for improper grammar or terrible punctuation.  

If this looks like I'm angry, I'm not.  Sorry for it coming off that way.  I found it very funny actually saying "Cena, what are you doing man?"  

As always, Good luck in your future endeavors.