Ulterior Motives At Boise State? Scheduling Difficulty Related Maybe?

Mike WrightContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

The current stadium only seats approximately 33,000.
The current stadium only seats approximately 33,000.Steve Dykes/Getty Images

After everything I've read over the past year, I've noticed some potential pieces to a puzzle, that might be coming together. With the rise of Boise State's prominence, there have been several obstacles that have materialized over the past 2-3 years. Boise State claims to have difficulty scheduling games against bigger programs. They also seem to be chasing this one million dollar price tag in the process. So if Nebraska was willing to play, but not pay the price tag, then what gives?

Why does Boise State seem so insistent on getting a million dollars from every big team they want to schedule? It may not be the case, but it sure appears to be. Boise State has become a national household name and is rocketing in the ratings for TV. Starting this next year, Boise State will be in the Mountain West, which is supposed to be a move upward. After recent events however, it is looking more to be a lateral move with the departures of Utah and BYU...

Where everything is starting to make sense for me though, is with the move up in conference, and rankings- the need for a bigger stadium has also become a priority. Recently in the Idaho Statesman, a design plan has been released to expand the stadium to 53,000 seats. In the article it states that they have the plan, but no funding. Ah ha! Making sense yet?

Of course Boise State hasn't really said why they want a million dollars to play a major conference team... but it would only make sense that they are trying to raise enough money as soon as possible to expand the stadium. So it is clear after sorting through all of the mess and all off the trash that people still have to say about Boise State. BSU is listening. They know they have a small stadium. They probably don't like putting a million dollar price tag to schedule a game, but if they don't raise the money asap... It could take a long time before stadium expansion happens.

This all seems logical and will be interesting to see how it all plays out. It would be nice to play against major conference opponents in a much bigger stadium. It's like they're playing a metaphorical game of checkers and can't wait to say "King Me!"

What are your thoughts?