Out of Bounds: Sometimes, It IS Black & White.

Rahsaan HuntContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

By Rahsaan Hunt

It’s that time again and like Mike and Mike, “I’m back and better than ever!!” It’s your old boy, Hot Rod! The Row….hold up that’s not the name up top. That’s right folks; you don’t see the pen name for this one. This write up gets the government.  Why, you may ask? Well, this may be my last write up for Planet Ill and I’ve always wanted to do at least one write-up under my real name. So for this one, say hello to Rahsaan Hunt. Now does that mean that Hot Rod! The Rowdy One is dead? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!

Who knows, maybe I’ll be back later, but for now I have to walk away from Planet Ill and focus on other things. Some of you who’ve followed me know I went through this before and I came back, so as I said before, “Who knows?” Hey, I still have the Fantom Zone, so I’ll be around. The kid isn’t totally out of the picture.

Speaking of leaving and coming back, doesn’t all of this sound familiar? Doesn’t it remind you of a certain quarterback who likes to leave and come back? I believe his jersey number is 4, he wears purple and gold, and he’ll be on center stage in tonight’s season opener. Well since we’re on the subject, I’m going to do something that I have never done before and stick to it. I’m going to agree with a certain someone, who I can’t stand.

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