WWE: Shaking Up The Roster, Who Needs to Go Where and Who Needs to Disappear

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2010

The best way to optimise the WWE product
The best way to optimise the WWE product

I have been reading many articles on this site regarding Smackdown!'s upcoming move to Sy-fy. While some people have predicted some rather sensible roster altercations, others have been a little unrealistic.

For example, an occurring theme is that either Randy Orton or John Cena will be moving to Smackdown!. This will not happen. Cena and Orton are two of WWE's biggest assets, and WWE (being a business) will not want to move either of them away from the show and network on which they get the most exposure.

There is also an issue that seems to be seldom tackled in this discussion of roster switches, that relating to the sheer amount of talent Raw and Smackdown! possess. There simply is not enough time to get them all on air, so the less 'over' members of the roster disappear for weeks at a time and occasionally show up on Superstars. The simple solution: Some wrestlers will have to be released to make way for the continuing inputs from NXT and FCW.

So, in this article I will give my views on who should go where, as well as who I believe need to pursue their future endeavors for their own and WWE's sake.

So let us begin with whom I believe should be transferred to Smackdown!:

1) Chris Jericho: Why? He adds much needed star power to Smackdown!, he can be utilised in the main-event and used to his full potential. On Raw he has had little to do, and with the sheer number of people to fit into a 2 hour slot has been lost in the shuffle. He is the best in the world at what he does, and Smackdown! is a place he can prove that.



2) The Uso's: Pretty obvious really, they hardly ever get the chance to appear on Raw and can be used in a better capacity on Smackdown!. They take Tamina with them to add another diva to Smackdown!, which is very short on Divas presently.

3) Eve: She is not doing anything on Raw and Smackdown! would be a better place for her to show-case her moderate talent.

4) Natalya: A very talented wrestler, who has never been given the chance to truly show-case that ability. She won't get the chance on Raw, and seen as The Hart Dynasty are the WWE Tag Champions they can appear on Smackdown! with her. This is a fact WWE seem to have forgotten. The only reason I don't move the whole Hart Dynasty is because that would mean Raw has no tag teams.

5) R-Truth: I was very close to putting him on my 'to be released' list, but I think he still has something to offer, and he can do that in the mid-card on Smackdown!.

6) Jilian: She has never been used properly, she has great potential that can be used on Smackdown!.

7) Evan Bourne: He will get a lot more exposure in the Intercontinental title scene on Smackdown!

8) Yoshi Tatsu: Similar reasons as Evan Bourne.

9) Primo: He is good in the ring and his new heel character very much suits him. He could feud with the likes of Kaval or form a tag team on Smackdown!



That completes my transfers to the blue brand, now I have a few suggestions for moves to Raw:

1) Beth Phoenix: She has never really looked comfortable on Smackdown!, and as a heel she can re-inforce her true dominance on Raw.  

2) Rey Mysterio: Controversial pick? I think so. My reasoning is simple. WWE has nothing on Raw to appeal to the Mexican audience, and having Mysterio in the upper mid-card scene on Raw would increase viewer-ship. If, of course, he is used correctly. With Alberto Del Rio and Chavo on Smackdown!, the blue brand retains most of its Mexican viewership.

3) Mercury: Simply to reform MNM with John Morrison and Melina gives a little credibility back to the tag division.

You may be thinking at this point that I haven't really strengthened Smackdown! at all. But the thing is that Smackdown! should be more devoted to making main-event stars. We already have Undertaker, Jericho, Punk, Swagger, Big Show and Kane. These are or have been in the main event, and should have a permanent place there. However Smackdown! also has Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Kingston, Rhodes, Kaval and Ziggler who with a bit of faith can be elevated to main-event status over the next two years. When you look at the Raw scene after my proposed draft takes place, you will see that it will have 5-6 main event wrestlers left on it. Some are bigger stars yes, but after all Raw is meant to be the A show


Also note that once NXT season 3 is over, the majority of Divas on that show will be placed on Raw or Smackdown! and I think that will help no end to improve the divas division.


Now, onto the bit which isn't so pleasant in naming those who would be better to take their craft elsewhere. Those then who should be removed from the roster are:

1) Shad: He really has already been removed, and I cannot see him ever being anything in the WWE.

2) Tyler Reks: Who? Exactly.

3) Rosa Mendes: I just see no potential here, no 'it' factor that would make me want to watch her. With more divas set to arrive soon it worsens the situation for her even more.

4) Finlay: I know he isn't really a wrestler anymore, just worth the mention. He can remain with the company in a non-active role, as he is now.

5) Chris Masters: A harsh one maybe, but I cannot see him ever reaching mid-card status let alone main-event.

6) Zack Ryder: He is just plain annoying, and his crush defeat to Sheamus shows how much faith WWE have in him. No potential to be a star.


7) William Regal: I think Regal was brilliant in his day, but he is getting old now and never seems to win a match. I would want him to remain with the company as a trainer.

8) Vladimir Kozlov: He does nothing for me or anyone else, he is out-shined by Santino which is saying something.


9) Michael Tarver: When Nexus blows over, I see no future for him.

10) Heath Slater: Does not have the look nor the ability to make it. Nexus is his life-line.

11) Skip Sheffield: Shrek the second is boring and will have nothing when Nexus finishes. Not to mention he is injured which makes him less relevent still. 

12) Darren Young: Why bother giving him theme music? The guys a gonner.

13) Mark Henry: Yes, I'm afraid the big guy is included in my list of cuts. Perhaps he could remain with the company in a non-active role like Regal.

14) Ezekiel Jackson: I thought he had potential, then he got injured and hasn't been seen since. I do not believe he can recover the small amount of momentum he once had, most people will have forgotten him.

15) The Bella's: Clinically annoying, very little ability in the ring, been living off the guest host scheme and have nothing to offer the divas division. The situation will worsen when the new divas join the roster. Harsh but true.  


16) Eli Cottonwood: Do I need to explain? Just watch his 'performances' from NXT.

17) Lucky Cannon: Cardboard man himself, extremely dull and makes you want to yawn.


18) Titus O'Neill: Making Otter noises will not make you a star, and really that is all he has to offer.

19) JTG: He is nothing special in the ring, and he out-shined by the majority of young talent in the company vying for permanent roster spots.

20) Luke Gallows: It is amazing the guy has lasted this long, and if it were not for the SES he would already be gone. His stint in the SES has proven exactly why he should leave. He is below average in the ring, his mic skills leave a lot to be desired and he as a whole has nothing to set himself apart from the rest of the roster.


It is a harsh business, more young stars are appearing with steady pace in WWE, and these guys and girls simply do not stand out. Getting rid of them makes shows less cluttered and allows for better overall quality and continuity in wrestler appearances.

One final note on championships: With word being that WWE plans to unify the world titles at Wrestlemania, I would advise WWE not to unify the Intercontinental and US title belts. This allows the brand split to remain and then these two titles can become brand championships which will instantly raise their prestige and give upper mid-carders as well as standard mid-card wrestlers a title to fight for when not involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture. These belts could be used to make stars. I agree with unifying the other titles.  


That concludes this article and it is my belief that if WWE went with a roster scheme similar to this then it will yield them success. It allows Raw to remain the number 1 show (which seeing as it gets the highest ratings and is on a top network it deserves to be), yet it also gives Smackdown! a feasible main-event and mid-card picture. It also gives certain wrestlers a better chance to display their abilities, whereas at the moment many are being totally mis-used.

All comments are welcome and I hope you enjoyed the sizeable read.





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