Skip Bayless To Terrell Owens: You Hurt McNabb In Super Bowl 39

J Howard GiddingsContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

Terrell Owens in his new digs
Terrell Owens in his new digsJoe Robbins/Getty Images

This just in - This morning, Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take claimed that Terrell Owens hurt Donovan McNabb in Super Bowl XXXIX.  When challenged by Bob Glauber, he repeated his contention and went on to issue a challenge of his own saying: 'He hurt McNabb, you can ask him.'  Glauber was understandably incredulous.  He pointed out that all Owens did was catch nine balls for 122 yards after coming back early from a major leg injury.  Bayless simply wouldn't back down.

You might wonder what brought this topic up in the first place.  Bayless was responding to a recent comment by Owens that Brett Favre has 'gotten a pass from the media', and that he and Chad Ochocinco would have been skewered if they had acted like Favre has during the off-season the past few years.  Bayless's initial reaction was to say that Owens' comment bothered him more than any other statement Owens has made in the past.  That's saying a lot. His body language and tone showed he meant it - he was clearly angry at Owens.  That didn't prevent Bayless from acknowledging that Favre has gotten a pass from some members of the white media,   However, he went on to defend the media by noting that 'Owens has wrecked three teams', while Favre is a winner who hasn't wrecked any of the teams for which he's played.

What I found particularly interesting in all this is that Bayless was so beside himself he incorrectly stated that Owens had never played in a championship game.  Glauber promptly reminded him that Owens had played in a Super Bowl.  That little fact didn't derail or even slow down the Bayless Express.  As far as Skip Bayless is concerned, Terrell Owens' accomplishments and unbelievable display of courage during Super Bowl 39 essentially didn't happen.  That leads me to this thought - the Eagles lost to the Patriots by three points.  It stands to reason that, if Bayless believes Owens hurt McNabb, he may just believe the Eagles would have won the Super Bowl without T.O. 

Now, I'm no fan of Terrell Owens.  I definitely would not want the Redskins to procure his services.  But, for all of his faults, he was the real MVP of Super Bowl 39 in my book.  Discounting his stellar effort shows a personal bias that I find very disappointing, even if we are talking about 'The Mouth'.