New England Patriots: New Start, New Motto, New Faces, New Challenges

Tyler BlairContributor IAugust 8, 2008

        As the Patriots start a new season, they start with their minds focused on football.  After the devastating loss at the Superbowl against the New York Giants and the dream of a 19-0 perfect season ruined, they start over with the old and the new. As they start the new season, they are guided by a new motto the team has. Unfinished Buisness, the right motto for this team to follow because for all of us New England and Boston fans. We all know that we and the Patriots have unfinished buisness to attend to with the Giants, whom we are playing in the 4th preseason game on September 28th, among other teams we always need to take care of and they know who they are.

        Training Camp has been a good camp for the veterans and the new rookies such as Jerod Mayo(Outside Linebacker, #51), and Terrence Wheatly(Corner back, #22).  All rookies have been having a great Training Camp and they are all trying their hardest and working to their fullest extent.  Same as all the free agents we signed in the off season which is good. People have been saying that the Patriots defense isn't going to be as good as last year now that Asante Samuel isn't there to intercept the ball, and because we have a new Defensive coordinator from the Miami Dolphins, Dante Scarnecchia.  I beg to differ, with the new additions to the defense i think we will be as good or even better than last year.Where is Junior Seau though?

        The first Preseason game on Thursday against the Baltimore Ravens was rather boring and disgraceful though. Overall the offense was terrible mostly because of the O-Line and Matt Cassel. The O-Line let in 6 sacks over the 3 quarterbacks we had and Cassel and Gutierrez both threw fro a total of 3 interceptions. Cassel had poor yardage but Matt Gutierrez was more accurate and made plays. Kevin O'Connelli thought was the best of all of them he had the most completions out of all of them, 0 interceptions, and rushed for a total of 22 yards. The random quarterback draft pick out of San Diego State turned out to be a good draft pick after all. The Defense how ever was not so bad as the key players in the game Jerod Mayo, Who had a couple key hits including one where he knocked the guys helmet off, Pierre Woods, Shawn Crable, and Terrence Wheatly. Most of the rookie defensive men had a good game. Even though we lost 16-15 we did our best and keep in mind that all the rookies and secondary were playing, Brady and Moss and Welker were on the sidelines enjoying themselves. 

          All 3 quarterbacks are battling to get the backup position and at this point Kevin O'Connell is proving his athleticism and skill as well as Matt Gutierrez.  Matt Cassel at this point should just be benched for another year or even released because this team doesn't need him.  As of now this team is just starting what is to become another great season in my eyes i wouldn't be surprised if we made it to the Superbowl with a winning or even another perfect season.