Arsenal's Theo Walcott Could Be Out for Up To Six Weeks

Jamrock RoverSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2010

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - SEPTEMBER 07:  Theo Walcott of England leaves the field on a stretcher during the UEFA EURO 2012 Group G Qualifier between Switzerland and England at St Jakob Park on September 7, 2010 in Basel, Switzerland.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Clive Rose/Getty Images

With any luck, the players should all be back at the club today for two days training ahead of the home game against Bolton on Saturday.

As it stands, the only player that we know of to pick up an injury on international duty was Walcott; at that time, we were told by the England manager that the player's self diagnosis was that he would be back in two weeks.

I'm no medical expert but then again neither is Walcott—at that stage, he hadn't been to hospital or had a scan; he had no way of knowing how serious or not the injury was and he could only have being going on a hunch.

If the reports that are emerging this morning are to be believed, then Walcott is subscribing to the Arsenal habit of underestimating the seriousness of his injury and we will in fact lose him for about the same amount of time as RVP.

How brittle are some of our players that every season in recent memory we put a little asterisk next to any predictions for the season that says "subject to change depending on injuries?"

Three matches into our campaign, we have now added RVP and Walcott to the list of injured players that already included Bendtner and Ramsey; besides them, neither Djourou or Denilson had kicked a ball this season before the reserve game on Tuesday night.

The question that has to be asked is what's causing all these injuries? Has it got anything to do with our training methods or the surface we are training on in London Colney?

I have thought for a long time that we have just been unlucky with injuries but as time goes by, I'm starting to subscribe to the theory that it has to be caused by something.

What that thing is or whether it's a combination of a number of factors, I don't know but I do know that I'm thoroughly fed up with it. I know LadyArse subscribes to the Ashburton ninja theory and while I did consider that for a while, I'm sure it's just a myth.

The next round of Premier league fixtures are almost upon us.

As usual, for this season I'll be posting my predictions for the results at about 10 tomorrow night. I didn't do too well in the first couple of weeks but I managed two perfect scores in week three, along with three correct outcomes and five wrong outcomes.

It's not brilliant, but it's getting better week by week and I'm now fourth out of 28 teams in my predictions league. Here's a look at how the league stands.

NC 1
Simon_8ball 190 +60 0
Up 2
Nickmc1980 160 +80 0
Up 3
AshburtonAmerica 150 +105 0
Up 4
aranmichael 140 +80 10  
Up 5
Onkroes 120 +60 0
Up 5
SoFire 120 +60 0
Up 5
comeradesnarky 120 +60 0
Up 8
longman11 115 +60 0
Up 9
1_zackmomoh 95 +60 0
Up 9
oakhamgooner 95 +115 0
Down 11
Sinesladael 85 -5 0
Up 12
rforson 80 +60 0
Up 13
Up 13
iroonmaan 75 +60 0
Down 15
COSGOONER 65 -10 0
Up 16
senarmy 60 +60 0
Up 17
Imjola 50 +95 5
Down 17
Tibiux 50 -5 0
Up 17
Tlur 50 +65 0
Up 17
billygooner_29 50 +70 0
Up 17
preetgreet 50 +70 0
Down 22
AidanHood 35 +35 0
Down 22
essexgooner1965 35 -30 0
Down 24
ArsenalGOAT 30 +5 0
Down 24
CescFever 30 +20 0
Down 26
_Bradley08 25 +15 0
Down 27
f_c_phoenix 5 +30 0
NC 28
tap_out -55 +5 0

That's it for today. Even though the players are back and the fixtures are about to start piling up, it's still very quiet.

There is no actual word from the club on Walcott's injury and as per usual, we will have to wait for the official word before we can multiply their prediction by two and get the real amount of time that he will be out for.

See You Tomorrow.