The NFL Speculator's Highly Speculative Season Predictions, One Liners Addition

TheNFL SpeculatorContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 26: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers looks for a receiver against the Indianapolis Colts during a preseason game at Lambeau Field on August 26, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Colts 59-24.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Remember my "pre-pre-season" predictions?

I didn't think so!

Well, I don't remember them either! That's why they don't count, but these do, because after some of the injuries some teams have has this pre-season, some of my picks might have changed...but on the other hand, since I don't remember what the predictions were...

AFC East

1. Patriots-Now I remember! I previously said: "And you thought I was picking the Jets!" Look, Rexy fans, the Pats have Tom Brady, and the Jets have Mark Sanchez...'nough said.

2. Dolphins-I don't remember what I said about them, but I will say if this team gets its secondary together with Will Allen on IR, they could go all the way.

3. Jets-I ain't drinkin' the Kool Aid, not the way Sanchez played in the preseason! Too bad Darelle Revis can't play offense.

4. Bills-Even with a fine pre-season, this division is too difficult right now for the Bills to make headway (and will be too difficult for quite a while...someone in the FO should be made to answer for holding this team back)


AFC North

1. Ravens-Last chance for Ray Ray and the rest of this aging D. Ravens O, unlike Jets O, actually has serious team-oriented WRs

2. Bengals-Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe I'm picking this yo-yo team over the Steelers.

3. Steelers-With or without Big Ben, this team is in decline.

4. Browns-I can't see Mangini in any other place but last.


AFC South

Colts-Until the Texans can beat these guys, I have to go with Peyton and Co.

Texans-But it could just as easily be the Titans...AJ beats out CJ

Titans-Assuming AJ beats out CJ...

Jaguars-The Browns have Eric Mangini and the Jags have Jack Del Rio. Both these guys need to look for other jobs.


AFC West

Chargers-By default, for the fifth year in a row. If they had any competition here, they might actually be good enough to win the Super Bowl.

Raiders-No, Al Davis's crew is not a wild card team.

Chiefs-This will be the AFC's version of the 2008 Dolphins...okay, okay, more like the 2005 Dolphins (who went 9-7 after going 4-12).

Broncos-Clady is back, but Elvis has left the building...


NFC East

Giants-My NFC predictions are much bolder than my AFC predictions; this one is based on the Cowboys OL woes. Even Wade Phillips admits his OL sucks!

Cowboys-I know their D is better than the Giants' D, but really, the Cowboys OL really has gone downhill without ol' Flozell, and who replaces Colombo?

Eagles-Because Kevin Kolb hasn't proven anything! Why is anyone picking them for the playoffs is beyond me in this QB driven league.

Redskins-Actually, if not for the Haynesworth crappola, I'd be picking the Skins ahead of the Eagles.


NFC North

Packers-If they don't win the NFC I'm eating this prediction!

Vikings-I remember saying last time that the Vikes better hope Favre comes back. Now that he's back, he better hope Miami's former Mr. Clutch, Greg Camarillo, can catch a few passes with his butt like last year to keep up with the Pack.

Lions-Stafford, KVB, Best and the rest have what it takes to get out of last place this year, but unfortunately, as long as Favre is a Viking they'll have to settle for third place.

Bears-Lovie Smith better start packing his bags...and so should Jay Cutler.


NFC South

Saints-In a Brees.

Falcons-The safe second place pick.

Panthers-Because the Bucs have an injured Josh Freeman and the Panthers D looked great in pre-season, for what that's worth.

Bucs-The last-to-first tendency stops here.


NFC West

49ers-Because the Cards don't have a viable QB...come to think of it, neither do the Niners! But what they have is D.

Cards-Of course, they could finish last, unless Joey Porter has some kind of comeback year.

Seahawks-Of course, they could finish last, too, unless Hasselbeck has some kind of comeback year.

Rams-In this weako division, they really could be the NFC's version of the 2008 Dolphins!