Monday Night Comedy And What Is Wrong With Randy Orton?!

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 8, 2010

Who's Line is it anyway?
Who's Line is it anyway?

The Monday Night Raw episode that aired on Monday the 6th was a typical Monday Night Raw of keeping us wondering, what is going on.

We saw the build up of The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan for the US Title at Night of Champions, and the unveiling of a very awkward WWE magazine cover. Was it me or did Miz's head look like it didn't match up with his body? And why would they reveal the cover of the magazine and not the cover of the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. Being on the cover of the game amongst Cena and Taker is a huge accomplisment, much bigger than being on the cover of the magazine. 

We got to see the continual denial that the tag team titles exist as we have no build up to a show where every champion is defended, and yet we have no idea who the tag team champs will defend their new titles against.

We see Chris Jericho, the best there is at what he does, lose a match to John Morrison and drop out of the six pack challenge. Is this to get him some time off for a bit? Maybe he'll just disapear or end up at Smackdown. Any way it goes down I think its fair to say that this will not be the end of the Ayatollah or Rock and Rolla.

We get Edge and Zac Ryder having a moment, for some quick comedy, followed by Edge vs. Kahli for more comedy. Did anyone else agree with Michael Cole and wonder how the Great Kahli didn't eliminate himself? If I'm in the Royal Rumble, I climb over the top rope and hop to the floor I'm out, thats how it works, unless your Kahli apparently.

One more scene with Jericho, still in his ring gear and distraught, a quick typical Josh Matthews interview, followed my some more comedy with John Morrison consoling Jericho and sits with him and stares off into the distance.

Now for the final comedy act, no, not the match between Barret and Orton, which was quite good, as the superstars on the outside kept saying Wade was holding his own against Randy and putting on a truly main event styled match. The real show, or at least the humor portion took place at ringside with Cena, King, Cole, Sheamus and Edge. Lets just go over some of the zingers that were shot off between this comedy troupe that entertained us all even when not in the ring.

King - makes a comment in regards to Jericho not being here

Cena - Well now its a 5 pack challenge. He's (Jericho) having a rough day.


Sheamus begins to rant about how the match isn't fair.

Cena (Irish accent) Hey Fella! Life isn't fair.

Edge makes a comment on how Sheamus is sitting with two guys who are 9 time champions


Cena makes comments on how its a 5 pack challenge and there's no way to call how it will go down.

Edge: I'm pretty sure I can call it, I think I'm going to win.

Cena: See that folks, 29 championships and he's still ignorant.


Cena: "I told pasty here once he was the champ he'd be a target"


Sheamus tells us about his poor Irish Granny, this was apparently his attempt at humor.

Edge asks "Sheamus is your Irish Granny as pale as you are? I can see your organs beating through your skin."

King asks to keep it civil. (King is the mature voice here?)

Cena: "Say what you want about the human jar of mayonaise..."


Michael Cole makes a comment about how each of the superstars saw action tonight, all but Sheamus and questions why that is.

Cena: "We didn't have white balance on the cameras."


Cole goes on to make another comment about how he should have gotten a flu shot.

Sheamus retorts with that would be good because we wouldn't see you on TV next week.


Cole: good one.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Darren Young comes out to interfere, distracts Barrett, Randy delivers an RKO, match over. Randy RKOs Young, Randy RKO's Edge, RKO to Sheamus each time apparently turning more and more in to Lord Voldemort. What is wrong with him and his little spaz out moments?

Then we end the show with a stare down, a finger nose wipe, and more staring.

Better than episode 900, this episode goes down as one of the weirdest episodes in some time.