What do you do with Brett Favre?

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

Just want to put my two cents in.  I've avoided it until now.  Here goes.

I'm 46 years old.  I love Favre.  My father just passed 70.  He REALLY LOVES Favre.  My entire family loves Favre.  I grew up watching the Packer Sweep and all the guys.  Read all of Jerry Kramer's books.  Lived them.  Loved it.

So, how in the name of Vince Lombardi has this situation got to this point?  There is one person to blame.  Favre.  Here's my case, keep in mind I love the guy and am about to send him to the electric chair.

1)  YOU retired.  No one else.  YOU did it.  When you did that, it meant something, you cried.  The Packers hated it and made other plans.  I repeat, YOU RETIRED AND THEY WERE FORCED TO MAKE OTHER PLANS.

2) YOU changed your mind.  No big deal.  Not against the law.  But it was YOU that came out of retirement.

3) YOU caused all the chaos.  You have all of Green Bay divided now.  Vince would not approve.  We love ya Brett, but what the hell is all this?  All this name calling, press conferences, he said, she said.  Green Bay has never been about soap operas.  You just created the biggest one of all time.

4) YOU are destroying your legacy.  No one else.  To see you in a Jet uniform will make me puke.  Not that I hate the Jets.  The point is that YOU in a JETS uniform is WRONG.  Period.  That goes against history and every drop of sweat you've shed to create that history.

Bottom  line.  Brett Favre, I love you.  I've enjoyed watching you your entire career.  Your record of consecutive starts will never be touched.  Your passing records speak for themselves.  You are the ultimate blood and guts warrior, period.  No one even comes close.  There's just one problem.

Vince Lombardi just called from Packer Heaven and wants to know why the hell you did this.