Floyd Mayweather and the Craziest Rants in Sports

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 8, 2010

Floyd Mayweather and the Craziest Rants in Sports

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    We have all heard Floyd Mayweather's rant and possibly his apology by now. So I got to thinking, is that the craziest rant around? Probably not. And it certainly was the least enjoyable.

    But there have been some really loco rants that are funny as hell.

    Most of the well known ones you have seen on TV, so this is the HIDDEN GEMS edition of the crazy sports rant.

    I'm sure there's more of them out there, but these are the ones that made me either scratch my head or laugh out loud.

    Who knew some of these sports legends had such foul mouths.

Honorable Mention: Dan Marino Freak Out

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    This one isn't so much a rant as it is a loss of one's cool. It's short and sweet.

    And it might make you change your mind as to who is the one quarterback you might not have wanted to piss off.

    I picked this to get your blood flowing as we start the party.

    Watch his co-workers check to see if they can get to the exit, if need be.

10. Mike Ditka Post Practice

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    You might have seen this one, but it still merits being on the list because Mike is so dismissive.

    I love when he asks them, "not very much fun is it?", as if he was their dad and had to spank them.

    Ditka is a guy you still wouldn't want to fight if he you were stuck in an alley.

    (Especially since now he's popping that Levitra).

9. Ron Ron Before He Winning The Title

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    I miss this Ron Artest. The guy who you weren't sure whether to take seriously or not.

    The clip by itself is entertaining. To have Rome break it down makes it classic.

    Bring back Indiana Ron Ron!

8. Bob Knight Being Funny

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    This isn't one of Bobby's classic rants. We've seen all of those.

    This is Mr. Knight being funny. But what's interesting about this is, even when he is cracking jokes, he still tries to make you feel like crap for asking a dumb question.

    That is one mean old dude.

7. Stephon Marbury Eats Vaseline

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    There are some Stephon Marbury fans out there that are saying if he is an All-Star overseas, why isn't Starbury playing here?

    Surely he is good enough to be on some playoff team that needs a scorer off the bench.

    Why is Marbury not in the NBA right now?

    This is why.

    WARNING: The following video clip has not been edited and contains language which may be offensiveviewer discretion is advised.

6. Jimmy Johnson Rant

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    This one is great because for a few moments Jimmy forgot he wasn't coaching anymore.

    I also love the fact that Howie Long has his back, but you can hear the rest of the guys giggling in the background, off camera. (Listen for it at the :34 second mark.)

    When JJ hears the silence he knows that he went too far.

    Jimmy can still get after it.

5. Avery Johnson Gets Pissed

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    Again, this might be one that you have seen, but I love it because you get the feeling, behind closed doors, Johnson loses the southern charm and will break his foot off--

    You get what I'm saying. He is barely able to keep his composure here.

    "We got people from Israel and...  Minnesota..."


4. Mike Singletary Would Rather Not

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    After seeing this press conference last year didn't you get the feeling that if Singletary had to kill someone with his barehands, right before game time, that he could do it and not blink?

    Notwithstanding the fact that he doesn't blink much anyway.

    Vernon Davis is a big guy and he wanted none of this guy.

    He is of the most dangerous guy in the league to this day.

    "Can not play with them. Can't do it. I want winners."

    I will squeeze the life out of you as I stare into your dead eyes.

    Then I will show up at your wake with your blood on my shirt.

3. Iron Mike at His Best

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    You know this list is good when Iron Mike comes in at number three. This is a compilation because there were so many to choose from.

    But the talent to shock and awe is still there.

    Mike without meds is like a day without sunshine.

    Or something like that.

2. Tommy Lasorda Is Not Always Jolly

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    I grew up thinking Tommy Lasorda was that uncle who played Santa Claus and cried sometimes when he got happy.

    I remember seeing him run around after the Dodgers won the title and thinking, that is one nice dude.

    Man, Tommy, I never knew you.

    This is great because it is the classic slow burn. And then he gets going...

    Man, does he get going.

    The amount of curse words he fits into thirty seconds is the most in the history of talking.

    I have never meant a warning more than I mean this one...

    WARNING: The following video clip has not been edited and contains language which may be offensiveviewer discretion is advised.

1. Earl Weaver, Ladies and Gentlemen, Earl Weaver

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    I was too young to appreciate Earl Weaver or his great Baltimore teams, but through the magic of youtube I am able to catch the Manager's Corner.


    Here is a manager who is forced to do some show where he is forced to talk to the fans.

    This is why you don't force people to do what they don't want to.

    Listen as the commentator states the obvious: "this show is gonna go down in history".

    I swear to you, I almost blacked out when I first heard this.

    This time I am putting it in bold:

    WARNING: The following video clip has not been edited and contains language which may be offensive- viewer discretion is advised.