Hellbilly´s 09/07/2010 Episode Of NXT Review

HellbillyCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

While RAW and SD! reviews are quite often to see, WWE´s C-show (sorry Superstars, but I´d rather watch people who have potential to be stars than asylum for those who lost it) is overlooked by many. I decided to change this a bit and offer my opinions and feelings about last episode of NXT.

As we know, NXT season 3 is an all-diva competition. First sign pointing to this is a facelift of whole show. The sea of yellow was changed to purple and instead of Wild&Young, we have Kevin Rudolf and his You Make the Rain Fall as the new theme. I´m OK with changes, they weren´t necessary, but aren´t too disturbing.

Show opens with Matt Striker introducing Pros, who then introduce their rookies. Only pro who went out to real reaction (not to mild or even no pop/heat) was...Vickie Guerrero, which is pretty sad. But it´s WWE´s fault, the naked truth is that this season lacks starpower previous seasons had personified in CM Punk, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Kofi Kingston and other pros. This time, the show is actually one of the few or only way for the pros featured to get some TV time. Anyways, Vickie introduced her rookie which replaced the 6-foot-9 Aloisia. Her name´s Kaitlyn, and she previously wrestled in FCW as Ricki Vaughn. She isn´t a freak of nature like Aloisia, but being paired with Vickie will get her exposure. It´s up to her how she´ll use it.

From all things Striker said, the one that surprised me is that he talked about long 3 month journey ahead of divas. Does that mean WWE found a new broadcaster for NXT? Or will it stay on SyFy?

Striker then gave divas mic to introduce themselves. It´s too soon to judge their mic skills, it was just one promo. But some things were visible. Kaitlyn, AJ, Naomi and Maxine  were solid, although Maxine earned some huge WHAT?! from crowd multiple times, and AJ sounded a bit too much like female Lucky Cannon. Jamie sounded slightly rehearsed, but I assume it´s professional deformation from ring announcing, where she had to remember all weights, cities and all the stuff. And Aksana needs to pay more attention when talking ("Double double E") and her heavy accent can make her difficult to understand sometimes (although not for me, I actually try to speak with similar accent at my Russian language lessons).

Next was the first rookie challenge (so quickly?), and it was dance competition. The last thing on earth I need to see is Michael Cole dancing. I got through this...ehm...questionable segment, but please, don´t want me to write about it. Naomi won by the way. I just hope we won´t have any kind of kissing contest with Great Khali as judge in the future.

Next was the tag team match, Alicia Fox/Maxine vs. K2/Naomi Night. Remember how we wished to see 8 minute matches? This one lasted 3 minutes and something. Naomi did a good job, showing her athleticism and body flexibilty. Maxine needs work. Her main aces in the sleeve will probably belong to character and mic skills department. Naomi got the win, pinning Maxine with small package.

I don´t remeber 2 challenges on one episode, but I guess we´ll have to get used to it. Especially when Matt Striker introduced the concept, saying that diva with most challenge wins gets immunity in next elimination. The second challenge of the night was capture the flags contest. Again, Naomi was the last woman standing. 2 challenge wins and a pinfall victory-pretty impressive resume.

Then we had Legendary trailer (again), interview and footage of Jamie Keyes (she, along other things, explained her "Barbie on steroids" look), and then another tag team match, AJ Lee/Primo vs. Aksana/Goldust. Primo andf Goldust started match, but Primo tagged AJ quickly and the rest of match was ladies business. Aksana got some offense first, showed a VERY sloppy leg drop, and then AJ gained control. She pinned Aksana after reversing wheelbarrow hold into bulldog. I hope this doesn´t mean AJ won´t use her Sliced Bread#2.

After the match, Vickie came out with Kaitlyn. She demanded another try to cut a promo for her rookie, but got into a conflict with AJ. After an argument, AJ pushed Kaitlyn into Vickie, and show ended with Vickie´s hysterical outburst and AJ celebrating with Primo in the ring.

Last thing I must say, I was really impressed with announcing team. I guess 2 seasons of co-work are showing. Cole/Matthews/Striker did a good job, making fun of Tony Chimel and each other. Cole is growing as a heel.

This episode showed rookie divas, and whole season 3 of NXT have potential. We must wait until next Tuesday to see if it´s really using it.