NFL MVP: A Top Five

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NFL MVP: A Top Five

With much of the NFL regular season complete, it's time to begin discussing postseason awards—in particular, MVP.

But how do you define the Most Valuable Player?

Some people vote based on most impressive stats, while others vote based on the impact the player has on their team.

Before you call me crazy as you read more of this, it would be helpful to take a minute as ask yourself: What are my qualifications for MVP?

To be fair, I’ll give you mine.

I personally think an MVP should first be measured by his worth on his team. Where would that team be without that him? An MVP doesn’t have to be the person with the most impressive stats, but rather the person who is most important to his team. In the event of two players who are extremely close, I then think about things like marketability, character, leadership—but more often than not there is a clear choice for me.

That being said, my NFL MVP Top Five would shape up like this:

1. Brett Favre
2. Tom Brady
3. Tony Romo
4. Terrell Owens
5. Randy Moss

I realize that Brady is the popular choice for this award because his numbers are Madden-esque. However, I give the nod to Brett Favre because of how valuable he is to the Packers. He has led his team to a 10-2 record despite having few offensive weapons. He's a three-time NFL MVP and happens to be having (perhaps arguably) his best season of his career.

Brady gets a very, very slight edge on Romo. Both of these guys have fantastic weapons to throw to and both play on great teams. I think Romo is better at overcoming his team's mistakes, mostly because the Cowboys make more mistakes than the Patriots. Brady hasn't really been put in a position to overcome tremendous adversity except for the fourth quarter drive against the Ravens.

The downside to Romo is that he has a tendency to not give up on plays that he should just declare a loss and makes poor decisions that put the team in difficult situations. Even though he usually pulls the team out of trouble, he has to be penalized for putting them there in the first place. He's improving as the season continues, but it's enough to make up the difference between Brady and Romo in my mind.

If I had formed this list a month ago, Moss would easily be ahead of Owens, and possibly Romo. However, Owens has really been on a tear since being named a captain and Moss has taken a few plays off. He hasn't been as enthusiastic about running full out as a decoy on some plays and that isn't acceptable for a front runner to the MVP.

When Owens and Moss are right they are truly game changers and we've been treated to couple of the most incredible seasons for WRs, so they have to be included in the discussion for MVP.

Extremely strong cases could be made for all five of the guys.

Let's hear your list over at

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