What if the WWE created a "Main Event Mafia"

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What if the WWE created a


What up Bleachers this is the man, the myth, the legend writing his first ever article for bleacher mania and I am waiting to see the comments on this one. You’re going to be amazed at the topic of this piece. I have read before that the IWC was not that happy with recent factions/stable in the WWE-TNA world. Now there is never going to be another NWO (sorry Nexus), Four Horseman (try again Fortune) or DX (the only reason I was somewhat happy to see HBK leave is because I didn’t have to see a watered down, PG version of Degeneration-X or Degeritol-X. I would have to say I did enjoy TNA’s big attempt at a strong heel group called the Main Event Mafia. For those of you that don’t know the MEM was a group of former World Champions that felt the younger guys was disrespecting them (I know, I know same old crap). Kurt Angle was the “Godfather” or leader even though Sting was the current TNA Champion. Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner rounded out the original five. Booker’s wife Sharmel was also an outside type of valet/member of the group. Dare we say she was the eye candy of the team? After a few inner issues with the team Sting was booted out and Samoa Joe was added. The “Survivor chick” Jenny Murasco was added. Then she had a little catfight-ish feud with Sharmel. This is what I believe was the beginning of the end of this group. Then Tiffany (can I please get a clothing malfunction!) Brooks was brought in for a few weeks to help Sharmel, uh, wrestle. This is along the time the knockout Tag team tittles came on the scene. Then the creative at TNA ran out of ideas, Hogan was on the horizon and whatever else the crew slowly ran its course.

TNA could have had a huge gold mine with this stable if the company would have kept the members a little fresher and not too old and stale. I understand the need of main event players (because of the name mostly), but honestly only Angle and Booker (on a good day) was main event level anymore. The rest of the guys was good back in the 90’s but lost a step or two or thirty. My point is the idea was ok for TNA, but maybe if the WWE would have gotten this idea a little earlier and ran with it the product might have ran better. In the rest of this article I am going to give you a few names and scenarios from the WWE point of view that could have made a better WWE version of the Main Event Mafia. Here a list of the prospects and scenarios:

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