Slow Your Role: Opening Night Vikings Vs Saints Edition

John GustafsonContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Percy Harvin #12 of the Minnesota Vikings runs with the ball against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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Each week you’ll need to set your lineup, but you may not be sure what role each player will have for you. I mean, we all know Ray Rice is a stud, but can he still be counted on for RB1 production vs the Jets tough run D this week?

In the NFL, each team sets up their depth chart based on who’s healthy and who’s playing well. Likewise in fantasy, you should be doing the same thing. In an effort to help bring your team some identity, we’d like to introduce you to “Slow Your Role,” the depth chart of fantasy football.

(NOTE- These rankings are comprehensive and in no particular order. The point expectations are based on 12 team, point per reception leagues, four points for passing TDs, six points for all other TDs. If you’re in something other than a 12 team PPR league check out the Forbes List on and the weekly rankings on

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

QB1- must starts, expect at least 20 points

Drew Brees, NO - This game could turn into a shootout quickly and with the Vikings usually strong up front to start every year, the advantage for the Saints will be in the passing game.

Brett Favre, Min - I’m not a fan of the old man, but I’ll be rooting for him in this one. I’d look for the Vikes to rely on AP early and often, but I like Favre to throw for a couple of TDs and at least 200 yards.

RB1- must starts, expect at least 15 points

Adrian Peterson, Min - I love AP in this one. The Vikings will need the heat off of Favre and the best way to do that is to feed their workhorse. I wouldn’t be surprised if AP finishes as the #1 back this week.

Pierre Thomas, NO - PT might have a hard time running the ball, but he’s dynamite in the passing game. PT should also be a good bet to score. 

RB2- your #2 RB, expect at least 12 points

Reggie Bush, NO - I’m never wild about giving Bush an endorsement, but if this game turns into the shootout I think it will, Bush should be active in the passing game. Recently, Reggie has gone Cris Carter, “all he does is score TDs.” Reggie will only get about 10 touches, but he won’t need a lot to get his. 

RB3- I’d only start one of these guys if I had no other choice, expect around 10 points but don’t be disappointed if they come up small

Chris Ivory/DeShawn Wynn, NO - If you’re relying on either of these guys week 1, you’re already in trouble. Ivory should be the guy, but he’s banged up so it could be Wynn. With the Saints intent on rolling with a three-headed monster at RB, expect one of these guys to get some work.

WR1- must starts, expect at least 15 points

Percy Harvin, Min - With Rice out, Harvin should be the main benefactor. Bottomline, Percy should be in for a lot of work and grind his way to a nice night.

WR2- your #2 WR, expect at least 12 points

Marques Colston, NO - It’s a crapshoot determining Saints WR production every week, but normally you have to assume that it’s going to be Colston. I’d love to rank him as a WR1, but he’s so damn inconsistent. I feel very comfortable with him as a high WR2 in this one.

WR3- I’d only start one of these guys if I had no other choice, expect around 10 points. Some of these guys will have pretty good games, others will have you wishing they were never on your team to begin with.

Bernard Berrian, MIN - Berrian had a very nice game the last time he played the Saints, but without Rice we don’t know how the targets are going to be distributed. Until then, start him as a nice WR3.

Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, NO - Now we play production-go-round with the rest of the Saints WRs. I’m going to group them all together because it’s going to come down to which sees the most targets. One of these guys will have a start-worthy game, but unless you have Sean Payton on the text, your guess is as good as mine.

Greg Camarillo, Min - Camarillo is a really intriguing option this week. Camarillo could be in for some nice underneath work in this one making him a decent reach if you need him. But then again, at this point in the season, your team should be healthy and you shouldn’t be reaching. If you have to reach, then you should have bought our draft kit… Just sayin’.

WR4- If I’m really desperate, I’d go with one of these guys and hope for the best. They’re super reaches for sure. Expectation is around 8 points but 0 is also a very real possibility.

Greg Lewis, Min - If you’re thinking about starting Greg Lewis this week or ever for that matter. Quit fantasy football. Seriously, quit. Invest your time and energy into something more worthwhile like collecting dandelions. 

TE1- must starts, expect at least twelve points

Visante Shiancoe, Min - Stanky Shiancy doesn’t catch a lot of balls, but he is Brett’s favorite target in the red zone. Without the 6’4" Rice to target, Shiancoe should be the main benefactor inside the 10. I wouldn't expect more than five catches, but Shiancoe is always a good bet for about three catches, 50 yards, and a few looks in the red zone giving him about a 30% chance to score.

TE2- only start if your backup is out, hope for 10 points  

Jeremy Shockey, NO - I’d even say 10 points is a reach for Shockey unless he finds the end zone. If you have Shockey, drop him and pick up a younger guy like Jermaine Gresham or Rob Gronkowski who’s sure to have more fantasy value than Shockey this year.

D1- Solid looking Ds, expect around 10 points

Neither defenses are D1 plays 

D2- These Ds have matchup or talent issues, but could surprise, hope for at least eight points

New Orleans Saints - If you have a better option, I’d consider it. I expect both offenses to score at least 20 points which would mean neither D would get points for points allowed. The Saints D benefited from being very opportunistic last year, the type of turnover ratio that they achieved last year will be very hard to replicate this year.

Minnesota Vikings - Again, if you have a better option, I’d go with that. The Cardinals D vs the Rams and Sam Bradford making his first start is a good option. I have a feeling we'll see a defensive TD in this game and that could go to Minnesota. Plus, with Percy returning kickoffs, he’s always a threat to take one to the house. Additionally, their pass rush should be able to get after Brees. The Vikes are a decent start but not a great start.

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