College Football's Strength of Schedule Defense

Christopher NicholasContributor IIISeptember 7, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 17:  Quarterback Josh Nesbitt #9 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets drops back to pass against the Miami Hurricanes at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 33-17.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

The Boise State Broncos are ranked 3 in the AP polls for football.  Many see this a coronation as the first non-automatic qualifier that not only will be in the national championship game but also win it. Now here is where I will tell those many people they are wrong. I will first set the stage with some non-bias statements as I am an University of Oregon student and fan. I will admit that they have a chance to go undefeated and extend their unbeaten record. But they only play two real games before their cupcake conference schedule. Now if they go undefeated by beating two top 25 teams in the first 3 weeks in September should that endear them to be in the big game in January? Lest now play the hypothetical game, shall we? The University of Miami or THE U to those who follow college sports play six teams that are ranked in the top 25. Now undoubtedly the North Carolina Tar Heals will be bounce after this weekend with 7 players suspended in their opener verse LSU, but that still leaves THE Ohio State at number 2 in the polls, with games against Pitt, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech from now till the waning days of November with an ACC title game to play in December. Now if they do go undefeated defeating six teams in the top 25 get them a shot at the national championship and jump the Broncos? Especially since the Broncos will be playing Idaho and Utah State, does the strength of schedule give the Canes the right to put a stutter step to Boise States title run? No remember this is purely speculation and much weirder things have happened in college football. Aside from THE U possibly going undefeated with the strength of schedule and being ranked in the top 15 putting them in the big game, there seven other teams that with the strength of schedule and a top 25 ranking that should be evaluated by the media and with an undefeated record, be put into the championship game. Here are the other seven teams and their AP preseason ranking: Florida 4, Iowa 9, Georgia Tech 16, Arkansas 17, Florida State 20, Auburn 23 and University of Georgia 23. All of these teams, except Iowa, play four ranked teams and have a championship game to play. So those six teams could play up to five ranked teams over the course of the year while Boise State can bust them out in three weeks. So now I ask you, would you put the Broncos ahead of these teams if they go undefeated. PS- don’t forget about Bama who could lose one game and still regroup and could play up to SIX ranked teams if they make it to the SEC title game, which they should.