Underrated Bat of Springfield's Aaron Luna

Justin HulseyCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

Posted on August 29, 2010 on Rising Redbirds

Aaron Luna is, without a doubt, one of the more interesting prospects I have ever studied. The more I pay attention to him, the more confused I become. Then again, the more I pay attention to him, the more I see a clone of Dan Uggla. Which is typically a pretty good thing.

He may have the best power bat in the Cardinals organization, he’s only 5’11”, and his nature position is second base. That usually doesn’t indicate power. While his 14 home runs in 289 at bats in Springfield aren’t extremely impressive, his .208 ISO (great estimate of true power) is the third best mark in the Cardinals Minor League system. Only Steven Hill (.263) and Matthew Adams (.230) can top that.

Luna isn’t as valuable now that he has been moved to the outfield, but there is little doubt that he would be able to make the transition back to second fairly easy.

Along with his pure power, his patience and plate discipline are two of the other things I like most about the 23-year-old. In AA this season, Luna has struck out 64 times while walking in 59 plate appearances. That is a 17% strikeout-percentage compared to a 16% walk-percentage. In other words, that’s pretty damn good and probably leads to his .432 OBP, which is first among Cardinal Minor Leaguers with at least 300 PA.

Another stat that I always look at when evaluating a prospect is his line-drive percentage (this stat is a big reason why Bryan Anderson was/is so hyped). Luna’s is an even 20%; anything above 20 for a young player is considered very good. This is a great stat to determine how often a player hits the ball hard, even if it does happen to be an out.