Randy Moss: Why He Needs To Shut Up And Just Catch the Ball

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2010

Randy Moss: Why He Needs To Shut Up And Just Catch the Ball

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    Randy Moss told CBSSports that he is feeling "unwanted" by the New England Patriots this season because no moves to extend his contract have been made.

    This is the second time that Moss has expressed his feelings of abandonment regarding the Pats, and we're all getting a little sick of the drama.

    There is no denying Moss' talent, but he needs to quit whining and act like a professional football player.

    Let's take a look at why Moss' off-field emotions are getting in the way of his career and what he needs to do this season to keep up his successful career.

What Exactly Did He Say?

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    For those of you that didn't hear about Randy Moss' statement to CBSSports, here is a little recap:

    Moss said, "When you have done so much and put so much work in, it kind of feels like I am not wanted...I am taking that in stride and playing my final year out and whatever the future holds is what it holds, but it is kind of a bad feeling—feeling not wanted. It is not like my production has gone down. I am speaking from an individual standpoint. I don't know about [Patriots quarterback] Tom [Brady's] or whoever else's contract."

    He went on to add, "I am a little older and understand the nature of the business—the older you get the more your skills supposedly diminish, but I think I am getting wiser in how to use my physical skills. That's the frustrating part when you put so much heart and desire into things and feel like you are not wanted."

Why Is He Concerned?

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    Moss is feeling the pressure of his expiring contract with New England, and he does have a right to be. The Patriots haven't made any moves to offer Moss a contract extension, so chances are great that he could end up as a free agent at this season's end.

    Moss has had his share of controversy in the past, but he seems to be genuinely happy in New England. He wants to stay with the Patriots, but it just might not be in the cards for this wide receiver.

The Patriots Are More Worried About Tom Brady

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    Moss isn't the only Patriot with an expiring contract, and New England is more concerned with keeping quarterback, Tom Brady than they are with offering Moss and extension.

    The Patriots will be willing to offer Brady the big bucks to stay with the franchise, leaving Moss as less of a priority.

And Logan Mankins

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    Mankins has played a vital role for the Patriots at left guard, and in 2009, New England's offensive line allowed the lowest number of sacks (18) since the league switched to a 16 game schedule.

    Mankins' contract also expires after this season, and the Patriots will make his contract extension a priority, pushing Moss further down the list.

Moss Still Could Remain A Patriot

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    Randy Moss has the most touchdowns as a wide receiver in the NFL since 2007, and if he continues to perform, the Pats could find the money to keep him past this season.

    Moss needs to let his talent speak for itself to prove to New England that he is worth signing for another season.

Chances Elsewhere

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    Even if New England opts not to re-sign Randy Moss, his career is far from over. He has consistently continued to produce, with a total of 3,765 receiving yards and 47 touchdowns in three years with the Patriots, and he would make an excellent addition to another team looking to improve its receiving options.

    Moss needs to put his hurt feelings aside and show up all season. This way, if New England lets him go, he will still be a very valuable free agent in 2011.

Team Chemistry

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    With Moss playing the victim regarding his contract with New England, we can assume that this attitude could affect his chemistry with his teammates (especially if he feels that Tom Brady is the main reason for his contract issues).

    Moss has told the press that he "understands the nature of the business," but a quarterback's relationship with his receivers is a crucial piece of any team's offense.

    Hopefully, this is the last of Moss' comments for the season, and the Pats can just play some ball.

What About Your Fans?

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    Love him or hate him, Randy Moss is one of the most prominent personalities in the NFL, and this little pouting incident will add fuel to the "anti-Moss" fire.

    While the pity card will work for Moss' most loyal fans, the rest of us are left thinking that he is just a big crybaby.


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    While Bill Belichick has kept quiet regarding Moss' expiring contract, he did offer some encouraging words about the wide receiver:

    "Randy's a professional. He's had a good training camp. He's played very well since he got here. He's well-liked and well-respected on the team."

    Moss should take these words to heart and continue to act like a professional. He has been very well-behaved since his arrival in New England, and keeping this up will help his chances at staying in Foxborough.

Open Letter To Randy Moss

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    Dear Randy,

    While we understand your frustration, we would like to ask you a small favor:

    Just shut up and play some football.


    Football Fans