English Premier League: Arsenal Cannot Compete With Manchester United, Chelsea

John SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

BLACKBURN, ENGLAND - AUGUST 28:  Robin van Persie of Arsenal in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal at Ewood Park on August 28, 2010 in Blackburn, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

ArsenalAdam is a tired auld tot today. No idea why. Last night I got copious amounts of sleep. Perhaps I´m not blogging enough...

Yes that must be it. The Blog Gods (say that 10 times fast) are telling me that my blogability is diminishing and as my hits go down my sleepiness will go up, therefore in order to restore my sleep cycle to its fine tuned finest (redundantly redundant again?) of 6.5 hours, I must vow to write my shite on my wall and allow my 750 some odd followers on twitter and other readers who haved succumbed to the tweet fleet to enter themselves into the world wide spiderweb and read some gospel, gossip, or gibberish regarding the wonderful world of football from an extremely Arsenally based biased.

That is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I´ve ever written. and I once posted 3 days in a row pictures of Nicklas Bendtner´s hair and boots just to deflect from his football ability.

Anyway what have we got new for you today?

Well Arseblogger posts and lovely link to some other dudes page as he talks about how Arsenal fan´s expectations have become slightly inflated since the year of Invincibility and Vieira´s famous last kick against Man Utd in the FA Cup final when we got absolutely hornthrashed (???) and managed to escape with a jammy penalty victory against the Red Devils.

It´s a great read, and pretty sums up the points which I have been harping on about for the last century, read century as year-and-change.


Basically, Arsenal and their fans have become accustomed to the idea of winning, and whining when whe whon´t whin. Whell why whon´t whe whin?

The fact of the matter is we were spoilt for years with success, but we were like an ugly rockstar, consistently punching in above his weight with the ladies. Except in our case it was with silver coloured shiny things, and gold covered metally pendants. We got used to winning.

Let´s look at this objectively.

Manchester United and Chelsea consistently spend twice or three times the amount of money that we have, and both have assembled very good squads in the past couple of seasons as a result, however Manchester are debt ridden, and Chelsea completley reliant on their billionaire owner.

We went a different route, spending a fortune on a brilliant state of the art stadium, and subsequently heavily investing in youth, almost using the Carling Cup as a platform to give players experience in order to better prepare them for the Premier League.

See Denilson, Song, Clichy, Fabregas, Bendtner, Vela, Walcott, Djourou... err Traore? Fabianski?

Ok forget the last two examples. But you can see that a large portion of our squad have cut their teeth in the cup competitions and while we haven´t been successful, we were certainly close in the Snarling Cup final against Chelsea, and I think our relative success (qualifying for the Champions League every season - See Liverpool) has been down to our scout´s abliity to snap up talent, and Wenger unparalled ability to brood talent and extract the most from players.

Other teams have also consistently out spent us, Aston Villa, Spurs, Manchester City (especially recently) and not enjoyed the same level of, again I repeat, relative success.

And of these teams only City have a new slick stadium, and its nothing compared to the Arabates.

So while we most likely will not win the league this year, while it will be a struggle to finish in the top 4 because of the strengthening of City and dare I say it, Spurs. We will certainly fill the stadium, our financial stability will go unwaivering, and we shall enjoy some excellent football along the way, something that cannot be said for all big Clubs. See Liverpool again.

I guess my point is that Wenger is a victim of his own success. He took a club without a huge amount of money, although admittedly we did spend quite a bit in those times, but nothing like Manny or Chelski, and a relatively small stadium (that needed special UEFA Dispensation to host European matches because of the pitch size) and we won a bucket load of trophies.

I think us Arsenal fans could do with a little more patience. We must realize that not every team can win the league, only one can, and only four can qualify for the Champions League which gives us the honour and privilege to compete in the most prestigious competition in the world. Which allows me to head down to Barcelona and watch Messi shit on us for 400 euro, but OH WELL!

That being said obviously, its great to win trophies and party with the Club, and brag to your mates and what have you, but its also great to have a stable club, to not have to worry about going all Leeds United or Newcastle. And who doesn´t like pretty football???

We´ve shown our patience with Eboue, and Bendtner, and both have come back to silence us, perhaps we should trust in Daddy Wenger and he too will silence his critics. Who knows? Maybe we´ll even win the league this season :)