RAW: Can a Feud With Y2J Save John Morrison's Career?

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2010

Y2J & John Morrison
Y2J & John Morrison

When Y2J announced last week that if he lost at Night of Champions, he would leave the WWE, I instantly figured it was a sign of the end of perhaps one of the greatest careers in WWE history.

With all the talk of Y2J's contract expiring and the great possibility of another departure by the Savior seemingly ended speculation on whether he would leave. He had been hinting to it for months, even putting his career on the line in a match with Evan Bourne.

Things were looking pretty obvious, that is until tonight's RAW. We all saw Y2J desert his team last week with an intentional count out.

Well the Anonymous GM announced if Jericho were to lose his following match, he would be out of the Six Pack Challenge.

My reaction was he is going to win, no matter the opponent. To no one's surprise John Morrison enters the arena as Y2J's opponent. 

Jomo hasn't been doing very well lately. The guy has only won ONE singles match since being drafted to RAW. He had been teaming with Mid Carder for life, R Truth. He was jobbing to The Nexus and Skip Sheffield's POWERFUL CLOTHESLINE.

The guy was starting to look more and more like a jobber every week. Even though he is my favorite wrestler, I didn't give him a chance at winning.

The match starts, Jericho is aggressive at first. Morrison counters with some quick school boy's, only getting two counts. Only a few in to the match they are already at a commercial break.

We're back and Jericho is back on the offensive. Morrison goes back to his old arsenal, using his STO backbreaker. Usually followed by a neckbreaker but hey, the guy's trying.

Jericho misses both the Codebreaker and Lionsault. Still Jomo has no chance of winning in my eyes. Jericho (with a full head of steam) charges at Morrison in the corner, only to miss.

Y2J falls in position for the Starship Pain. Jomo stalls, misses, and looks to have tweaked his ankle. 

The Master of a Thousand Submissions applies his signature Walls of Jericho. Good match, Nice showing Jomo. But NO, not yet.

Morrison makes it to the ropes. I actually consider what would happen if Jomo won this match. I finally give him a chance at winning. Jericho attempts a superplex. But is fought off.

Another great position for the Starship Pain. Morrison wastes little time. Connecting with Y2J's face. Very sloppy but the crowd loves it. Morrison gets the 1-2-3!!!!

I'm ecstatic. Finally looks as if Jomo can regain his mid card status. Knowing that Y2J may resign tops it off for me. Great Match. Three Stars from me.

Jericho is moping around. Sits on the steel steps a brief moment. Contemplating his future I presume.

Later, Jericho is being interviewed by Matthews, only to ignore every single question. Morrison walks up to Chris. Mocks his signature lines and simply says "things will get better."

A small taste of what I hope to be improving on his mic ability.

Question is: What's next for these guys?

I'm going to throw my predictions out there & say this is a sign of change for Morrison. He needed this win.

Hopefully, WWE follows up with this, unlike the Evan Bourne/Y2J Match. A feud between these two would do wonders for the Shaman.

Y2J on the other hand, his future is still not clear. I think creative is going to try to bring back the whole, "If I don't beat Evan Bourne/John Morrison, I retire."

This time, Y2J just might call it quits. I hope otherwise but it seems inevitable. Creative wanted to throw fans a Curve Ball. None of us in the IWC gave Y2J a chance at winning the Six Pack Challenge.

Let's see if Chris Jericho can make a star out of Morrison before he decides to hang up the boots. Don't forget about the huge void in the Main Event Scene Y2J will leave with his departure.

Why not John Morrison? Not saying he is a worth replacement, but someone needs to step up from the Mid Card scene.

Opinion or Predictions?