Florida Football: It Will Be Opening Day All Over Again for Gators vs. USF

Jim FolsomContributorSeptember 6, 2010

What the hell?
What the hell?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Horrible. Putrid. Disgusting. Rancid. These are a few words that come to mind to describe how the Gators looked this past week. Those may be too kind.

In 1979 the Gators went 0-10-1. I don't recall any game that season where they got applauded for getting the snap off cleanly.

John Brantley should have brought a baseball glove out with him in the second quarter and gotten into a shortstop's stance to field snaps. It was unbelievable. It reminded me of Steve Sax not being able to make the throw from second base to first base in the early 1980s. At least Saxie had to field a ground ball before making the throw. I CAN snap the ball back to the QB, for crying out loud.

Then there were fumbled pitch-outs, botched kicks, late hits, dropped passes, terrible blocking (especially run-blocking), etc. It was pitiful. So much so that I cannot see how the Gators can improve enough in one week to put themselves back into a BCS Championship frame of mind. At best, they might be able to improve enough to win the game. If they can do that, then they have to worry about another monumental improvement each week.

The first place that improvement needs to start is, of course, the offensive line. Find a center who can get the ball back to Brantley. Once that is done, then you need to learn to block. This is how bad it's gotten. This is spring ball stuff and you are looking at a road trip to Knoxville in two weeks. And if you can get all this straightened out, there is a WHOLE other set of problems after that.

For instance, the offensive play calling is just that, offensive.

If you are going to recruit, sign and give the starting quarterback job to a pocket passer, then wouldn't it make sense not to expect him to run the same offense as Tim Tebow? One would think. Unless of course you are Steve Addazio. Apparently, the Tebow playbook is all you have. So why did you recruit Brantley then? And why are you recruiting Jeff Driskel?

If you are going with a pocket passer, then you need to put him in a position to be successful. At Florida, you have all the tools to run a more pro-style offense right away. You have wide receivers with speed to burn. Two of them are NCAA track champions. Send them down the field and let your rocket-armed QB throw them the ball. This is not brain surgery here.

Instead you have these guys running inside. Demps goes down if somebody breathes on him hard. On the other hand, Gillislee bounces off tackles like a pinball. How about letting him run the inside stuff? Carl Moore has yet to throw a block. What happened to "our receivers won't see the field unless they can run-block?"

Deonte Thompson hasn't been able to catch a long pass in three years. Let's throw the deep stuff to someone else, huh?

From what I saw on Saturday, this team has a long way to go just to be bowl-eligible. How could things have gone downhill so fast?

I wouldn't have this team in my top 25 playing like that. Had the Gators been playing anybody else on their schedule on Saturday, they would have lost by four touchdowns, minimum.

It's a good thing we are a basketball school.