Euro 2012 Villain of the Week: Wayne Rooney

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Euro 2012 Villain of the Week: Wayne Rooney
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Another week and another scandal involving a footballer and prostitutes.

Is this truly a shocker? No, I do not think anyone that follows the game is at all shocked by this.

So why is Wayne Rooney the villain of the week? It only partially has to do with the "scandal" with prostitutes, but more about his form.

Against Bulgaria, Wayne Rooney was sublime, and if he performed that way in every single match he could make a case as one of the greatest players in the world.

Other European teams might have to mark him with the fear that he could score a goal or torture a defender with a well-timed run.

But do they fear him? Can England rely on such spectacular form?

The answer to both is no.

All Wayne Rooney can be relied on for is to make headlines, whether it be for his great form, poor form, or often poor behavior.

The mercurial hope for England plays the role for villain for everyone: for opposing teams that he can defeat alone, for England for failing, and to those who find cheating on your wife and soon-to-be mother of your child a little more than repugnant behavior.

Then again, I am sure that the English media will instantly forgive Rooney after he scores a few goals, only to be vilified by United fans after getting red carded for being too rambunctious, and then once again play the hero after a few more goals and so on and so forth ad nauseam.

The constantly flickering form and behavior of Rooney makes him the villain for this week, but he is in fact merely a microcosm for the relationship between the media and athletes in general which means some one's hero this week is sure to be the villain the next.

Maybe, however, we will simply see some one do something so terrible or foolish that they will forever be a villain with no redeeming say that instant replay has no place in football or something equally ridiculous!

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