Creature vs Creature: Who deserves WWE HoF induction? It´s simple...Lita

HellbillyCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

Divas division in WWE is a thing that can make IWC spit fire and brimstone. It´s pretty common to see articles, complaining about poor wrestling abilities of divas, lack of storylines, characters and whole treating of the division as "bathroom breaks." We all remember there were times when females in WWE were treated more seriously. There were eras which brought us women, which had enough talent, ability, character and charisma to become legends. Fabulous Moolah, "Sensational" Sherri Martel, Trish Stratus...and also Amy Dumas, known to all wrestling fans as Lita.

While growing up, Lita wasn´t much of a wrestling fan. Her main interest was music, and when she quit Georgia University in 1993, because it "was too much like high school", she relocated to Washington, D.C.  and pursued her love. She played bass in a couple of bands, and while they were all short-lived, being in them had one huge benefit for Lita. Her boyfriend at the time was a big wrestling fan, and Lita got first touch of the magic world of wrestling thanks to him. First impressed by combination of athleticism and showmanship, or as she described "being a rockstar and athlete in one profession", her interest even furthered when she saw Rey Mysterio and his lucha libre style on episode of WCW Monday Nitro. This moment in 1998 was the breaking point, when Lita became a fan of wrestling, bought a plane ticket to Mexico and made her first steps into the world of pro wrestling.

In Mexico, Lita tried to learn more about the lucha libre and trained how to wrestle by several of her new mexican friends. However, these training wasn´t for free, and Lita financed it by working as a dancer in night club. After training finished, she returned to United States, where she worked as a valet on the indy circuitand ECW, and met people like Christopher Daniels and Matt and Jeff Hardy. But valet role wasn´t what she wanted to do. She wanted to be in the ring and get better. Her training continued, when she became a student of Dory Funk´s Funking Conservatory, and graduated as only female alongside 23 men. Her trainer, impressed with her ability, sent a video compilation to WWE. Also impressed with her ability, WWE offered her a developmental deal. It was another step on the ladder of Lita´s career.

She was given the ring name Lita, and sent into WWE developmental territory, paired with Essa Rios. Arrival in the WWE also marks a moment when Lita started to dye her hair red, which she became famous for. With Rios, she made her first appearances on WWE programming. This partnership ended when Rios attacked her, and she was saved by Hardy Boyz. Team Xtreme was born.

With Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff aligned with her, the best period of Lita´s career began. She won her first championship, defeating Women´s Champion Stephanie McMahon (no comment) on episode of RAW is WAR. She held the title for 73 days, losing it to Ivory in a four-way match. Her multiple attempts to regain title were unsuccesful.

In 2001, she began off-screen relationship with Matt Hardly, which quickly became also on-screen. She participated in The Invasion storyline and by the end of the year she was taken off the screen for some time with storyline injury. But unfortunately, Lita through her career experienced also serious real injuries. Shortly after her return in February 2002 and her Women´s title match at WrestleMania, she broke her neck while filming scene for season finale of TV show Dark Angel. Lita is lucky to fully recover from injury like that, but it required surgery and long ring absence. She served as color commentator of Sunday Night HEAT, but it took seventeen months until she finally returned into ring.

After her return, she was put in various storylines, but the most infamous (negatively) was her pregnancy with Kane, leading to wedding and miscarriage. It is still considered one of the worst storylines in WWE history (OK, nothing compares to Katie Vick) and even won Wrestling Observer´s award for the worst storyline of the year. With this over, Lita could set her sights again to Women´s title. She managed to defeat Trish Stratus to capture her 2nd Women´s title, only to lose it a month later back to Trish at New Year´s Revolution 2005. Lita torn her ACL in that match, which sidelined her until March. After she returned, her old feud with Trish and her relationship with Kane were relived. However, Lita betrayed Kane and aligned herself with Edge.

This storyline was WWE way of exploiting (Lita said that "WWE will exploit anything") her real-life personal issues, when she cheated on her long-time boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge, and made some fans chant "whore!" and "You screwed Matt!" at Lita. During her relationship with Edge, the infamous Live Sex Celebration after Edge´s winning of WWE championship at New Year´s Revolution happened, which RAW highest ratings in years. She was Edge´s valet in the first half of 2006, until she returned into Women´s title picture and defeated Mickie James for the championship on RAW. She dropped the title to Trish Stratus, in Trish´s last match as active wrestler. Lita followed her into retirement not so long after. She captured Women´s championship for the last time, and then, after she dropped it to Mickie James at 2006 Survivor series, she called it a career and quit. She stated that the main reason for her decision was the strong hate from the fans due to her love triangle with Edge and Matt. After retirement, she returned to her other big love-music, and became a singer in punk band The Luchagors.

Lita´s ability, talent, uniqueness and look placed her into hearts of many true wrestling fans, who care about what she did in the ring, not outside it. With 4 Women´s title reigns, she has more accomplishments than many other divas. She always held the flag of the division high with her performances. And most importantly, everything she did, she did it to the fullest, because she loves this sport and loved to perform it. She was extreme, she was different, she was badass. She was something special, something no other diva can be again. She was Lita. A wrestler whose resume screams Hall of Fame material, and that´s why she deserves to the honor of being inducted to immortals.