Fanasty Booking: The Nexus Angle

Kyle MoCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

I am going to play arm-chair QB today, and I am not a big fan of fantasy booking, but this is just ideas, not like others who book the matches move by move, go as far as giving the match star-ratings, like it helps, and complain about scripting wrestling shows else where.


My booking doesn't blow people's heads off. I am no genius; I think logical and make everything realistic and have the story enhance to it's apex and blow it off. This won't be in week-for-week details, but it will be a basic understanding of the direction the way I would do this angle.


First thing first, though, get rid of them attacking Bret Hart with the car skit. Then they can attack Vince McMahon, but let's have a follow up with that.

Vince McMahon comes out and puts together his own team, saying something like you want to attack me? You don't know who you're messing with. I've outcome everything that challenged me, the biggest being WCW.

If you think you can overcome me, you are crazy. I've put together an elite team, of people who I know will beat you at Summerslam, and when they do beat you, you will all be FIRED!

Then have Wade say that's all good and dandy but if Nexus win, they have a contract for life in the WWE.

Then have the same team, with Cena coming out first and Bret Hart coming out last with also Vince McMahon and Bret putting their feud under the bridge, knowing that it is the best for business.

Then you put, put, and put Nexus over as hard as you can before Summerslam. And have WWE's team not getting along repeatedly.



Then either before Summerslam or at Summerslam, you have Vince McMahon yelling at them.

Then you do the whole Bryan Daniel thing, but you do it right, with Daniel Bryan coming out, taking Miz's place then you can do it like they did to the point before Edge gets pinned, and have that little fight with Cena, then have Edge come in and out of no where spear Cena, and have Gabriel hit his 450 and one-two-three, having Edge leave in the process with the referee establishing a 10-count... then have Daniel Bryan waiting there and Cole not burying him (that needs to stop), but saying I don't think Daniel Bryan can do it. I've doubted him since day one, but we do need you here Bryan.


So Daniel springboards in, nails Gabriel, and goes on a huge offensive spree, with two pretty quick eliminations. Then have Wade Barrett get in and blind side him before he can regroup after pinning so and so (doesn't really matter).


Have Wade then get some heat on Daniel Bryan and eventually have a false comeback on Bryan's behalf, but have Wade cut him off. Then have Wade choke Bryan with the ropes and have Wade argue with the ref, see Miz, and argue with him enough for Miz to hit Bryan and go under the ring.




And then have Wade punish Bryan more, but then Bryan to move out of some way or get an advantage somehow, start up his comeback, but have the beating kick in more than the rush he's on and eventually lose.

Have Miz join Nexus, saying he doesn't need WWE because he's been poorly treated as a US champion and Mr. MITB. Then you can have Daniel Bryan beat him, and have him say he's so mad, he's going to cash on the winner (this is all at NOC and the six-pack challenge is good enough).

So then have Wade win whatever way you want him to win, by making the top stars look strong enough.

Have Miz come out and then have Nexus members try to tell him it's not a good idea for him to cash-in, but have Miz's ego get in the way and cash in, but have Nexus attack him before he cashes him badly enough to write him off. 

Then have Orton-Sheamus-Wade at HITC and have Wade overcome them with Orton screwing Sheamus out of a title trying to win himself.

Have Sheamus later join Nexus, and have Wade and Sheamus both cut a promo with Wade saying that Sheamus is a better asset than Miz ever was. 

Then I'd get rid of Bragging Right because that ppv is dumb in itself and have Cyber Sunday next with fans being able to vote for who faces Wade for the title. Then have Wade win there.

Leading towards Suv. Series, have Vince McMahon tell us that at Suv. Series, he coached a team that ended WCW forever and although he cannot do end Nexus because of the contracts, he can make sure they can never team up again. Nexus agrees to this, but they say if they win, they own the WWE, not Vince.

So Vince McMahon says he made the mistake of putting together guys who didn't get along and it cost him, but this time he will put together an elite team that he knows that will get along under these conditions.

So it would be 6 vs. 6 because (I forget his name) but the big guy got hurt, so we could do 6 vs., and do Wargames (which would never ever happen but it's my booking so deal with it), with Team McMahon - Randy Orton, John Cena, Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon, and ?. 

The stipulation to the match is also if WWE's team wins, they get the belt back.

Vince McMahon and Randy Orton don't get along greatly because of what happened before WM 25, but Vince McMahon tells him to try and forget about the pass and focus on what is now.

They all fight for the advantage in matches in which the mystery GM books. It comes down to Wade and Bret, and Wade destroys Bret enough to get the advantage and hurt Bret, taking him out of the match.

So it's 6 vs. 5, and team WWE get beaten down because they are minus a man and down in the advantage for most of the match. The 6th guy comes out and Nexus and Sheamus are waiting and waiting.... and then it's HHH



And he comes down and beats all Nexus up, but they start getting the numbers on him... but the team WWE regroup and it's an all out warfare, with team WWE winning, and Cena winning the belt, making

Randy Orton a little jealous since he's been chasing the title for so long... but no heel turn then and there but that would lead up to WM and Cena and Orton face vs face at WM would be money.

I can see this question coming already so I will answer it, that being "What do you do with Undertaker at Wrestlemania then? Well, that's simple. You have HHH win the Rumble, and say he's coming for Undertaker.


Well, that's also simple because people would pay to see the match, and instead of have just one money match on Wrestlemania, you have two, which increases the chance of people buying the PPV. 


You have HHH tell us that he chose the Undertaker because he almost beat him at Wrestlemania in 2001, but unlike then, he's more cerebral, wiser, and he won't make any mistakes because he's a ring-general and etc.