How to Build WWE Superstars, The Underrated Show

Matt GuyettContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

How to Build WWE Superstars, The Underrated Show

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    WWE Superstars
    WWE Superstars

    Hello and Welcome to my newest Slideshow. 

    WWE Superstars is a WWE Show that has never really been popular. 

    Vince McMahon is said not to have known what to do with this show after its debut back last year but I certainly know what to do with it because I have ideas for what I would do with it. Its all within this sideshow. Also I would just like to send out my wishes to Kurt Angle who was injured in his match against Jeff Hardy. I hope he is not out of action I send my best wishes and I hope for a quick recovery.

    Thank you and Please Enjoy!

How To Build WWE Superstars The Most Underrated Show In WWE.

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    WWE Superstars
    WWE Superstars

    April 16, 2009 a brand new WWE show began called WWE Superstars. It started out with unused talent from both SmackDown! and Raw and main event talent. The main objective was too put the main eventers against the unused talent to make the main eventers look strong and powerful. 

    However as of late this show has taken a U-turn by featuring unused talent all the time. Some to name are Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu. Clips of the show are sometimes used when a competitor on Raw or SmackDown! has competed and it is shown before their next match to build up the match as a hard contest to call. 

    Now, Its not what I call idea TV. Here's my take on how I would improve it. 

Add a Championship.

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    Adding a title would add much more prestige to the show. Not only would it spice things up on Superstars but actually provide competition between the unused superstars who are long due title shots such as Primo Colon and Chris Masters that have been waiting for an opportunity. 

    When a Superstar holds the title they can take it onto their brands. So for instance, say Ted Dibiase wins the title he can take it on Raw however the title can only be defended on Superstars. It would make the show much more popular with the fans. 

    The WWE Superstars Championship is on the line once a new Number One contender is revealed on another brand. The Title's beginning would be a battle royal. 

    Or see my last slide on how to see another way to add a title. 

Make a Roster.

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    Not any of the talent I'll be using.
    Not any of the talent I'll be using.

    Create a Roster which doesn't feature talent that already has the limelight on them so my roster would be:


    John Morrison

    Cody Rhodes

    Zack Ryder

    Ezekiel Jackson 



    Evan Bourne 


    Yoshi Tatsu

    Ted Dibiase

    William Regal

    Mark Henry 


    The Bella Twins

    The Uso's and Tamina

    Alberto Del Rio 

    Chavo Guerrero 

    Curt Hawkins


    The Dudebusters

    Vance Archer

    Rosa Mendes 

    Santino Marella

    Vladimir Kozlov 


    As you can see I have picked a variation of talent in the roster. This is too give different talent a chance and old talents like Matt Hardy once again show his talent. 

Not Use Stupid Segments Or Matches

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    Wrestling Entertainment? More like Family Entertainment!
    Wrestling Entertainment? More like Family Entertainment!

    Hornswaggle vs. The Big Show, Are you kidding me? When I searched google images for WWE Superstars pictures it immediately showed me this match, now to me this shows how below average this show once was. 

    Now, lets stop all the babyish concepts and get down to real wrestling. If you want real wrestling then lets do this concept to determine the two number One contenders for the WWE Superstars Championship. Here's an episode: 

    ' The crowd is bigger , the cheers are bigger and the tension is bigger and better than ever. Jerry Lawler ,Michael Cole and Matt Striker are in the ring and say the following:

    " Tonight is the biggest show in Superstars history. First of all the race begins to become the number one contender for the newly added Title to this show, The WWE Superstars Championship." WWE Officials bring out the Silver glistening title. The Crowd goes wild after being told last week that there would be massive shocks tonight. But that is not all... 

    " And Also, WWE Superstars will have a General Manager by the end of tonight. What A night it is going to be and now lets get things started with the first Tournament Match." 

    Evan Bourne vs. Zack Ryder  . Winner - Evan Bourne (Qualifies) 

    The commentary team talk about the GM situation and say after Tonight's Tournament Main Event the GM will be named.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy . Winner - Alberto Del Rio (Qualifies)

    We are shown a video package that the First ever Title Match takes place at Night of Champions.

    Cody Rhodes vs. Christian . Winner - Christian (Qualifies) 

    Michael Cole starts moaning that The Miz should automatically be given the Superstars Title. But Lawler is quickly to point out that he is already getting enough and already has enough and its time for a new star, a new Champion to arrive. 

    Ted Dibiase vs. R-Truth . Winner - Ted Dibiase (Qualifies)

    Christian is shown backstage talking to Matt Hardy. Hardy is upset that Del Rio cheated to win. Christian says that he will do what he can to make sure Del Rio doesn't become the Superstars Champion. 

    Primo vs. Yoshi Tatsu . Winner - Primo (Qualifies)

    Michael Cole is standing at Ringside to announce something, 

    " Ladies and Gentleman, I can announce that next week live, WWE Superstars will have two Battle Royals. One featuring all Raw superstars and the Other featuring all SmackDown! " The crowd goes mad and then Cole continues to tell us that more qualifying matches will take place on SmackDown! and Raw. 

    Main Event: William Regal vs. John Morrison . Winner: John Morrison (Qualifies) 

    We come back from a Commercial and Cole and Lawler are about to announce the new GM. A promo shows backstage showing Cody Rhodes attacking Matt Striker. The Commentators are stunned and Lawler runs backstage. Justin Roberts is in the ring with a Mic. 

    " Ladies and Gentleman, Please Welcome, The New General Manager of WWE Superstars....

    (Fans get ready) 


    The Arena feels with boos as Washington makes his way to the ring. He starts doing his normal taunting. He begins to talk but gets booed really badly. 

    " Hold on, Hold on, Hold on. I know last time we got off on a bad note but I am deeply sorry, I'm a changed man."

    Fans boos die down.

    " Im just playing with You. Im just playing. Boo me all you like but without me this show wouldn't be as hot as it is right now. Its going to get even hotter next week... No not the 2 Battle Royals, But Im officially going to host, The Abraham Washington Show! " 

    The show ends with him taunting and get booed.' 

    That was Episode 1 now its time for Episode 2.... 

Episode 2: Challengers.

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    The Abraham Washington Show!
    The Abraham Washington Show!

    ' The show begins with Justin Roberts about to announce somebody. 

    " Ladies and Gentleman, This is The Abraham Washington Show, and here's your host, Abraham Washington!" 

    Washington comes walking out to a nation of boos. He enters the ring laughing and taunting.

    " Oh oh, Again boos fine by me because Ladies and Gentleman the two guests on my show tonight are two superstars that have qualified for the two Battle Royals. Both from SmackDown! and Raw, Ladies and Gentleman first... Here's, Mark Henry!!! " 

    Henry walks out in a shirt and Jeans. 

    " Mark please take a seat, If you manage that is. Hahahahahahaha! " Henry looks at Washington annoyed. " Im just playing with you, im just playing with you chill man." 

    " So Mark you managed to beat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov in a handicap 2- on- 1 tag match, Not that that's hard, hahahaha im joking." 

    Henry grabs a Mic

    " Abe,  I remember you on ECW. The guy who asked the stupid questions and the dumb jokes is now got another job. My Oh My. Now that's a joke Washington! " 

    " Mark, Im a qualified Interviewer. I do my job just perfectly unlike yourself. Woooo! Im just playing. Mark how did you manage to beat The 2 foreigners? I mean it must have been a lot of exercise for a guy like yourself. "

    " Right that's It. I've heard enough of your lame jokes. "

    Henry grabs Washington ready to deliver the World's Strongest Slam but is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Who takes out Henry's leg. He grabs him and puts him into the rolling Armbar. Henry immediately starts tapping and then Christian runs into the ring to make the save. We cut to a commercial. 

    We come back from the Commercials to see Matt Striker on a doctor's table being treated backstage. The Doctor walks away for a second and In comes Rhodes. He stands over Striker and says....

    " I should be the Champion. ME!" 

    He grabs Striker by the throat. Then slaps him. Striker is petrified. We then go to ringside. 

    Raw Battle Royal - Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Primo vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Mark Henry. 

    Henry's leg is weak which might prove as a factor in this match. The first to be eliminated is Henry due to all competitors working together. But straight after Bourne eliminates Morrison to the amazement of the fans (Morrison was the favourite to win). Primo starts dominating kicking Bourne. Primo delivers a backstabber to Dibiase and is warn out. Both Dibiase and Primo are layed out and close to each other. Bourne jumps up onto the turnbuckle and delivers an unbelievable double Air Bourne to both Dibiase and Primo. He hurts himself but it doesn't matter he however is then worked on by Primo and Dibiase they both grab him by the shoulders and attempt to throw him out but Bourne reverses and sends both crashing out of the ring with a hurricana. 

    " Here is your winner and Raw's number One contender.... Evan Bourne!!!!" 

    We go backstage to see Washington and Del Rio talking. Washington says he would love Del Rio to become champion but in the Battle Royal he can't help but just hope he wins. Del Rio understands and they end up shaking hands.

    The Bella Twins vs. Tamina and Jilian . Winners: The Bella Twins. 

    After the match Santino comes down to the ring to help Tamina up but Jilian delivers the low blow. Jilian goes to carry Tamina out of the ring but gets slapped instead. Tamina and Santino walk backstage. 

    We go to a commercial break and then see a little promo about the competitors in this match.

    SmackDown! Battle Royal - Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Masters vs. MVP 

    The match begins with all competitors shoving each other. Christian and Del Rio battle it out whilst Masters and MVP play hide and seek. Masters and MVP nod at each other grab Del Rio and Christian and deliver a double suplex. Masters grabs Del Rio and locks in the Masterlock he then slams him down and watches as MVP delivers Ballin'. They grab Rio and throw him over the rope. Masters claps but is no longer clapping when MVP throws him over from behind. Christian gets to his feet and locks up with MVP. We then see Del Rio enter the ring again and take out MVP throwing puches whilst Christian is stunned by MVP. Hardy's music hits and he comes running out taking Del Rio out of the ring and throwing him over the announcers table. MVP and Christian begin to tire and deliver punches using all their energy. Christain then offers MVP a handshake but is stunned when MVP picks him up. Christian tries kicking but is thrown over. 

    " Here is your winner and the SmackDown! Number One contender... Montel Vontanious Porter, MVP!" 

    MVP gets on the turnbuckle jumping for joy. But from behind Bourne dropkicks him and he falls down. Bourne climbs the turnbuckle and delivers the Air Bourne. He counts 1, 2 ,3 with his fingers and taunts. The Crowd go mad and the show ends with Bourne signalling a title is coming. 

WWE Night Of Champions: Evan Bourne Vs. MVP For The WWE Superstars Championship

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    MVP vs. Evan Bourne
    MVP vs. Evan Bourne

    The fans are already buzzing after the action they have seen and it has just been the World Heavyweight Championship Match. This was the match to follow and it would have to be BIG!

    Evan Bourne vs. MVP WWE Superstars Championship Match. 

    The fans are going mad as Justin Roberts announces...

    " This Next match, Is for The WWE Superstars Championship!" 

    Evan Bourne's music hit and he came running out doing his usual taunt but this time it had a pyro to make it seem even more bigger than ever. He ran to the ring with a new Light Blue and White Attire on. 

    MVP was next he came out as normal doing his trademarked Ballin' taunt. This time a pyro hit and it went around the arena. Something seemed different to MVP then usual. 

    The two superstars stood ready to do battle....

    " Introducing first, St Louis Missouri, Weighing in at 183 pounds, Evan Bourne! And Introducing from Miami Florida, Weighing 245 pounds, Montel Vontanious Porter, MVP!. 

    The ref rung the bell and the match had begun Bourne took the upper hand kicking MVP and almost getting the three count after a Corkscrew Plancha. Then MVP began to gain confidence hitting the playmaker on Bourne. Bourne rolled out of the ring only to be followed out my MVP. MVP threw punches at Bourne and Bourne began to weaken. Then Bourne was layed out next to an announcers table and MVP was going to deliver his knee until Bourne moved and MVP's knee hit the table with so much power he fell to the ground. Bourne picked him up and threw him onto the table. Got on a tunbuckle and flew and hit the Air Bourne. He grabbed MVP and threw him into the ring. Was about to pin until a herd of SmackDown! superstars came running out. They gazed at Bourne from ringside ready to attack. Until Raw's theme hit and Raw superstars came running out. The crowd began to chant this is awesome and it certainly was when The Miz came running to the ring getting through the fighting to deliver the Skull Crushing Finale to MVP. He ran backstage the ref losing control continued the match. Bourne begun to get to his feet but the fighting continued and so did the match when unbelievably Zack Ryder slammed him into a turnbuckle. Angered after his lost. 

    Then in unbelievable fashion Raw vs, SmackDown! had begun when The Nexus came out. They began taking out anyone including Raw Superstars. They got into the ring but to everyone's suprise MVP and Bourne stood together. Then Del Rio rolled into the ring and stood by their side. Then Christian, then Morrison then Matt Hardy. Nexus and the whole others ran away. But then too everyone's amazement MVP tried the rollup only for it to be reversed and Bourne got the 1, 2 ,3 !!!


    " Here is your winner and the New WWE Superstars Champion, EVAN BOURNE!!!!!" 

    He extended his hand to a raging MVP only for him to recieve a Play of the Day. He was laid out as MVP called for a Mic.

    " I've had to pander to all of you pathetic fans all this time. I am the money maker and the money in this bussiness. I'm the MVP of the WWE. Get used to it. "

    He dropped the Mic and his heel turn had begun when his new single theme music hit. 

Picking a Better Theme Music.

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    Ok the current theme is alright but its not what suits my suggested Superstars. Here are my suggestions for a new theme song: 

    Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel

    Enter Sandman - Metallica 

    Shapeshifters - Back to basics

Or... WWE High Flying

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    Crusierweight Division return?
    Crusierweight Division return?

    Yes this is what Im suggesting we go back to Crusiserweight's and make it a Cruiserweight show. A title is there and it is the former title, WWE Cruiserweight Title. This lets superstars such as Rey and Evan Bourne battle it out. 

    I like this idea but prefer my other idea. 

    Anyway thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my storytelling. Thank you!