Kurt Angle: Injury From TNA No Surrender; Will He Take Time Off?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 6, 2010

Angle, icing his rib after TNA No Surrender
Angle, icing his rib after TNA No Surrender

As we saw last night on TNA No Surrender, Kurt Angle took on Jeff Hardy. The winner of this match would go on to Bound For Glory to fight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of The Pope vs Anderson match.

The winner of that match was Mr. Anderson, but we still needed a winner from Hardy/Angle. The match ended up as a draw before Eric Bischoff came out and added five more minutes on the clock.

The time then went out and even though Angle asked for more time, he didn't get it as the trainer's claimed Angle couldn't continue due to the gash on his head. As he headed to the back, it looked like the gash had closed and he was no longer bleeding.

So, this was obviously a creative move to have a no contest be the outcome.

It will mean, according to what it looks to be, that Bound for Glory will have a triple threat for the TNA World Title.

Can't say it's a bad move, seeing as they have three highly marketable stars to do this with.

We will find out more, possibly this Thursday, on iMPACT.

In any case, Angle ended up suffering a dislocated rib due to Hardy's Swanton to the floor on him. The injury is usually a very painful one. Every breath you take equals more pain. So, you can imagine how wonderful Angle felt.

However, according to Jeremy Borash on Twitter:

"The amazing Dr. Tim Adair, who works for TNA backstage, has put Kurt's rib back in place. Angle says he is good to go. What a machine."

This means that Angle will, in fact, be fine enough to continue wrestling. He will probably not wrestle at the iMPACT taping this week to take some time off. But, he will definitely be at the LIVE show on October 7th, with many other TNA performers.

This is the iMPACT before Bound for Glory, by the way.

In any case, Angle being the way he is, I could see him still going out and wrestling this week despite the rib issue. Since it's been put back in place, it's not as bad as it was before, but I could guarantee it's very sore and he'll be taped up if he does wrestle.

That's all we know so far about Angle, but, the good news here is that he will be fine.



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