NFL Holdout Curse: Will Revis Suffer The Same Fate As Those In The Past?

Gary Howell@PhilipGaryTalksContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Will he be smiling this year?
Will he be smiling this year?Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It seems Darrelle Revis will actually be available to play when the NY Jets take the field this week...Question is...For how long?  History has shown, that a lot of players holdout for cash and rarely do the teams get what they expect out of the player.  I don't blame the players for wanting more more, I just agree with the method.

Case in point....

1. Albert Hayneworth: Was he worth it Redskins? Skips mandatory pre-season practices, then comes to camp out of will he every play?

2. Terrel Owen: Need I say more....

3. JaMarcus Russell: Ditto to TO comment...except he was a worse Football player or is he the worse(of all time)?

Revis better hope his at-home work out session are good, else, spend a lot of time with trainer getting body ready for the season. I heard on TV some of the analysts wanted Revis to play right away...I'm not sure that's a good idea. Maybe he could come in for a few plays, but a full game should be out of the question.  Also, doesn't Kyle Wilson look good? No need to rush Revis....right?

At least, Revis has TO and Russell beat in terms of how he handled his Holdout: I haven't heard any reports that he isn't liked and we know he's the best CB in the league (at least last year).  Haynesworth may have shown that if you want tons of cash, you will be have to give 110% of your self...


Lastly, to Owners

Owners shouldn't make any comments that players should play to their contract. Last time I looked, owners will drop a player if he doesn't perform, regardless of his contract. So, with that in mind, can't a player ask for and get his money, when he's proved he deserves it.  Boy, the MLB Players Association has it right...may NFL Players should get those lawyers on their side....


Revis...good luck...prove the Haynesworth's of the league that you are different.