10 Reasons the Packers Will Make the Playoffs Without Brett Favre

James StarkCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Brett Favre has had a tremendous impact on the Green Bay Packers franchise, but now it's time to move on. I respect Favre more than any other athlete and I hope the best for him and the New York Jets. There is no reason to doubt the Packers chances of making the playoffs. Here are the top 10 reasons why I'm guaranteeing the playoffs for cheesehead nation

10.) Lambeau Field

Even though it hasn't been as much of an advantage as it used to be, home field advantage makes it a whole lot easier.

9.) Aaron Rodgers

No he's not Brett Favre, and he never will be. But, Aaron Rodgers has the "stuff."

8.) Jackson, Grossman or Orton, and Kitna

These QB's could hand the Packers six victories.

7.) NFC North

The easiest division to win in all of football.

6.) Another year of experience.

The Packers were the youngest team in the NFL last season, and finished 14-4, no doubt they're more improved.

5.) Ryan Grant

Without Grant emerging out of nowhere, Packers would have struggled later in the season. Ryan Grant improves this offense significantly.

4.) Driver, Jennings, Nelson, Jones, Martin

Green Bay have five very good wide receivers, and the addition of Jordy Nelson makes the Packers the best spread out WR attack in the NFL, along with TE Donald Lee. It will be awfully hard not to play well.


Packers arguably have one of the better defenses in the league. Great D-line, underrated linebacking core, and with Harris, Woodson, Bigby, and Collins in the secondary the Packers will be hard to pass on.

2.) Brett Favre??

Wait, he's not on the team. With Brett Favre gone to the Jets, the Packers could be better or even worse.

Rodgers will bring a new game to the table, with more speed, and a better arm. It will be easy for Rodgers, hand the ball to Ryan Grant, or trust one of your many targets. Don't get me wrong Brett Favre is my favorite player, and he's the best, but Rodgers could possibly make the Packers more diverse, or worse.

I know I put Rodgers at number eight, but Brett Favre leaving has a bigger impact than Rodgers arriving.

1.) Confidence

If the Packers carry over their confidence from last season, there's no doubt they will make the playoffs.