The Highlight Reel: Chris Jericho's Best WWE Moments

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The Highlight Reel: Chris Jericho's Best WWE Moments

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    LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) stares down wrestlers Chris Jericho and Big Show during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather was a special guest host during the b
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    Even though it is only rumored that Jericho will be leaving the business once his contract comes to an end in a month or so, I thought it would be a nice gesture to showcase some of Jericho's finest moments in the WWE since his arrival in 1999.

    We all know he is one of the greatest at what he does, hate him or love him he is a legend, enjoy and feel free to comment.

The Coming: Y2J Debut

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    After his unappreciated spell with the WCW in the mid 90's, Jericho finally decided to jump to rival show WWE after signing a contract with the company in 1999.

    After a series of vintages of a countdown clock appearing on the titantron during and in between matches indicating the countdown to the millennium, the WWE universe was curious as to what was transpiring.

    Then during a promo that took place on Aug. 9, 1999, we were finally introduced to the already established superstar Chris Jericho. 

    The crowd went insane, they could not believe there eyes as one of WCW's guys were standing in front of the Titantron whilst the People's Champion, The Rock, was in the ring.

    Just to show you how great of a star Jericho is, for a debut he was electric, personally I feel no one has ever come close to duplicating what Jericho did that night.

    He was composed, energetic and certainly charismatic, he put on a great display of character as he wooed the Chicago audience, the chemistry he created with the Rock was certainly special.

    It was a great moment in history and the star of a great career in the WWE for a talent that is Jericho.

First Feud = First Title

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    Not exactly a great feud, however seen as how Chyna was one of the most popular and beloved characters at the time, it was only natural to have her defend her newly won IC Championship to Jericho.

    The feud lasted several months, with back and forth action over the gold between both superstars.

    Jericho lost his first title match to Chyna at the Survivor Series PPV, however it was short lived as he finally got hold of his his first championship when he defeated the champ at Armageddon one month later.

    Even though I am pretty sure that many Y2J fans would rather forget this feud then remember it, but it started of Jericho's first Face Turn, after the two formed alliance and took on up-and-comer Kurt Angle. 

The Greatest Intercontinental Champion

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    Jericho has the distinct honor of holding the prestigious IC Championship more times than any other superstars.

    Other greats to hold this title include, Randy Savage, The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, HHH, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Kane, and many more.

    Here is a list containing Jericho's IC Title Victories

    1. Chris Jericho Def. Chyna (Champion)

    2. Chris Jericho Def. Hardcore Holly and Chyna

    3. Chris Jericho Def. Chris Benoit (Champion)

    4. Chris Jericho Def. Chris Benoit (Champion)

    5. Chris Jericho Def. Rob Van Dam (Champion)

    6. Chris Jericho Def.  Rob Van Dam (Champion)

    7. Chris Jericho Def. Christian (Title Vacant)

    8. Chris Jericho Def. Jeff Hardy (Champion)

    9. Chris Jericho Def. Rey Mysterio (Champion)

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit Vs. Two-Man Power Trip

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    This was one of the greatest tag team matches in the history of RAW.

    Take away what happened to HHH that night. All four men gave it their all, even HHH with his torn quadriceps committed himself to finish the match. 

    With pinfall after pinfall and counters after counters we were really treated to a wrestling masterclass.

    Compared to today's tag team division it was really something else. 

Chris Jericho Becomes WCW Champion

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    During the Invasion angle, we were treated to some pretty amazing moments such as Stone Cold Steve Austin's Betrayal, DDP revealed as the stalker, The Return of the Rock, and of course Chris Jericho capturing his first heavyweight title.

    The great thing about this particular victory is not that he was competing against the Rock, but that he finally achieved what every wrestler wants and that is to be the best in the business at what they do.

    Now we should not really state that winning titles makes you the best, however after the way Jericho was treated in WCW, the way he was misused etc

    It was great to finally see him wear the gold around his waist.

Jericho Mic Skills

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    Jericho as well as been an excellent wrestler, is undoubtedly one of the best Mic workers in the business.

    Along with the Rock and others, his wit and funny antidotes are what makes him a stand out superstar.

    Here are some of my personal favorites.

    1. Jericho and Stephanie McMahon

    2. Jericho impersonates the Rock

    3. Jericho Mocks HHH and Stephanie 

Chris Jericho VS. HBK Wrestlemania 19

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    This is probably one of his greatest feuds in the history of WWE.

    Both superstars definitely know how to communicate well with each other whilst in the ring.

    Even though Y2J lost it was great seeing to world class wrestlers go at it at the greatest spectacle in the world, Wrestlemania.

First Undisputed WWE Champion

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    Obviously I could not leave out Chis Jericho's greatest achievement in wrestling today.

    No not the fact that he beat the Rock and Austin in one night, let's give the guy some credit, he did knock out Goldberg. 

    More to the point that the WWE found it appropriate to hand Jericho the responsibility to become the WWE most prized asset.

    By him achieving this great feat, it allowed everyone to know just how great a performer Jericho truly is.

    He did however lose the title to the returning HHH, the funny thing about this is that he beat both HHH's biggest foes in Austin and The Rock, two men who HHH has lost to on numerous occasions, yet he loses to HHH.

    What does that say about HHH or the booking? 

Honorable Mentions

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    1: Chris Jericho VS. Chris Benoit (All Matches)

    2: Chris Jericho confronts the legends.

    3: Chris Jericho Second Coming

    4: Jericho hates the WWE Universe

    5: Jericho Punks Cena

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