Undertaker, HHH , And John Cena At Burger King and My Week In Wrestling

Double A .Correspondent IISeptember 5, 2010

***Hello fellow wrestling enthusiasts!! I am back from a much needed vacation and better than ever! I enjoyed reading your articles from my Iphone while I was gone and am still getting around to commenting on them!

While I was on my vacation, or road trip from hell, depending on how you look at it, I found myself at a Burger King in Oregon.  I hate Burger King but my friend needed to use the bathroom and wanted a chocolate pie.  I walked up to pay for it and what do I see?? A WWE poster with Jon Cena, Undertaker, and HHH! Apparently right now, you can get a plush toy of one of the three that talks or in Taker's case, plays his music, in your BK Kid's Meal.  Naturally, I had to buy one.  The guy hands me my meal and the pie and I peek in the bag and what do I see? A Cartoon Network toy.  So I call him back over and say, "Ummm yeah, so I want a WWE toy, Undertaker if you have it" with a sheepish grin.  He goes to the back and hands me a HHH toy that says "I am the game" when you squeeze it.  Deadman is next week he explains.  Oh well, can't win everytime.   On our way out, we pass a cut out I had missed of John Cena doing his salute, so of course my friend takes a picture of me next to it saluting as well.  Did I mention I am in Charger PJ's, Pink fuzzy slippers and had been in the car for 18 hours? Im pretty sure the guy behind the register thought I was nuts but who cares? I had a WWE toy in my Kid's Meal!

I have to say, I am happy to see so much WWE merchandise everywhere these days.  Burger King, Wal-Mart, even our local swap meet.  When I was a kid there was no WWESHOP.com, no Wal-Mart, and the only thing I got from the swap-meet was pogs and a Ninja Turtle Skateboard.  If I didn't go to a show, or rip a poster out of a magazine, I was out of luck.  I guess that is why now at 25 I buy shirts, posters, and even a kid's meal.  Much like I love representing' the Chargers, I love showing my love for wrestling even if people think I am crazy!***

Like most wrestling fans, I spent my Monday night this week watching the 900th episode of Monday Night Raw.  I remember watching the first episode in '93 with my dad when I was 8-years-old, so naturally I had to watch this one with him as well.  Bret Hart's entrance music hits and the nostalgia train gets rolling.  He says his piece about being at the first taping, and how the only other superstar in the business today that was there as the Undertaker, and cue interruption. Out comes Kane, who proceeds to complain and ultimately try and take out Bret Hart.  Many fans in the arena begin chanting Taker's name and are floored with anticipation, will The Deadman show up? 

Now I am a 25-year-old woman and I would be lying if I said my fingers and toes weren't crossed, hoping to see my all-time favorite come regulate.  The lights go out, an ominous bbbboooonnnnngggg noise is heard throughout the arena, and who is in the ring when the lights come up? TAKER! To quote JR "Business has picked up" and Kane runs scared.  The mystery GM (or wizard of WWE as I refer to him) e mails Michael Cole and we have our main event, Hart v.s. Undertaker.  Seeing how they had a few pretty good run-ins in 1997, and being I am a long time fan of both, I had high hopes for the match.  

Sadly, the Nexus got involved and decimated the Undertaker.  Not really a shocker, but I guess I still get a little bummed seeing Taker not be able to do his signature "I'm not dead I'm just resting" sit-up move.

Overall I enjoyed the 900th episode of Monday Night Raw.  Even my friends who don't get wrestling at all were impressed with how long it has been on the air and with it's only competition being TNA, I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Speaking of TNA, we are now at Thursday and Impact is on.  Watching Hogan swagger out to the ring with Bishoff, looking a little tired, just didn't do it for me.  Now don't get me wrong, TNA has a lot of talent at their disposal and I have said before if they utilized it better, they could be a contender but everytime I try and watch it, it just comes across as a place "too old to do much" wrestlers, disgruntled former WWE wrestlers, and Eric Bishoff go to die. If you love TNA, great, I can't seem to get through an entire episode.  WWE seems to be walking a fine line too these days.   Both brands need work, I just tend to prefer WWE over the other. I just was not impressed.

In rolls Friday, the weekend is here and so is Smackdown. Anyone else excited about Smackdown moving to SyFy? I am! We learn that Kane and Undertaker will face-off at Night of Champions (shocker) and Kane vows to destroy him.  Overall SD was okay.  None of the matches really surprised me or stood out to me, Matt Hardy not surprisingly lost, Punk and Gallows fell to Show, Christian Beat McIntyre, McCool beat Kelly Kelly, Masters lost to Ziggler and the beat goes on.  I really hope with the move to SyFy, SD gets some much needed renovation and innovation as they are starting to look like TNA.

What will next week bring? Will Taker get revenge on the Nexus? Will TNA finally win me over? Will I make it to BK to get an Undertaker toy? Only time will tell and until then I will be reading your stuff so keep up the good work BR!

Thus you have my week in wrestling :) I enjoyed reading all your stuff while I was on vacation and I look forward to more! Until next time BR...