Y2J Is Undisputed Champion Again: Best at What He Does!

Zohair KhanContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

SAVE US!! Y2J is RAW!! Monday nights will never....EVEEERRR....be the same again!! The following is from a true Jerichoholic:

When was the last time we heard all the stuff above. Yeah its been long. But we do miss it. Y2J was a very important and an unforgettable part of the Attitude Era. He has given us 5-star matches, headlined Wrestlemania, shown his true form in athleticism, a future hall of famer indeed, and yet we have heard sad news of retirement from this great legend. I, for one, am not happy about this. 

Y2J will be the participant at Night of Champions for the 6-pack challenge. With his Contract set to expire soon, the question arises weather he is retired by the end of his contract period for good. But it also makes you think what if he really does win the big one this time.

I personally prefer the concept of retirement after somebody makes a BIG impact in the industry. Unlike Shawn Michaels, who deserved a much better competition in the form of Triple H or Jericho himself, before retirement, Y2J is supposed to do something as big before the end of his tenure in Wrestling. Something as big as the retirement of Ric Flair. But I guess that isnt big enough.

And what better way for him to become the Undisputed Champion for the second time in his career. This is, however, hypothetical on my part ofcourse. He has done it before - beating Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock at the same night on Vengeace, to win the WWE championship and the WCW championship, to become the first ever Undisputed championship - like one other in the history.

Back to the future, and if he beats two of the best in this business at the same time again (I'd say Undertaker and Randy Orton for my favorite picks), to unify the WWE title and the World Heavyweight Title, until 2011 Royal Rumble, imagine the height of greatness he would achieve. This might even make him greater than Shawn Michaels in certain aspects.

I believe he is the only other player, after HBK, who has entertained us to limits never ascertained. I deem him worthy of this because he can entertain us. The numerous matches he has had in the past. The segments with so many other greats in the business. The magic in his talk. The ability to keep the crowd's butts on the seats - weather a heel or a face - he was, and is, liked by all.

The last time he won the Undisputed championship was in 2002, which he lost at Wrestlemania to Triple H. Imagine him doing it second time in his illustrious career. Imagine the crowds chanting "Y2J, Y2J, Y2J..." as he holds the 2 greatest prices offered in the sports.But I'd also imagine him losing it to somebody at WM 27. The guy lucky enough to beat him at the Grandaddy, would certainly find his place in the elite list of champions in the WWE. Also, that woulds be the time when Y2J ends his career in a fashion that makes him even greater for what he has done to shed sweat, blood and tears for the fans (irrespective of the fact that we are considered Parasites or Gelatinous Tapeworms to him...).

The guy certainly has what it takes to b the top guy in the industry. We still see glimpses of people chanting his name on Raw when he takes up the face roles (but in vain....he turns heel just to prove us wrong). If he does lose at Night of Champions, then that would be the ultimate blunder in part of WWE to retire a Legend in such a manner. He is great and deserves greatness.