WWE NXT Season 3: Bimbo Barbies Make For Good Toys Not 1 Hour Wrestling Shows

Johnathon LaFranceContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

Bimbo Barbies Make Good Toys Not TV Shows


Good Day to all of you wrestling fans out there Sunday September 5th, I have had 5 days to calm down since I heard about Tuff Enough Meets the Diva Search or better phrased NXT3. The expect and colossal failure that will be this show can't even be described in words. But i'm gonna try!


Lets start with the in ring experience of these women, and at no point will any of them be called wrestlers in this article.  Including the 6'9" women who was all ready fired, (yes fired you built a TV show around a women you had under contract for 4 hours. Kudos to you Vince!) Drum roll please..... 9 months. Yes you are building a show around 5 women who's in ring experience totals 9 months. My 8year old could take a better back bump then any of these women. O wait just when you think it couldn't get worse, the total experience between, "women pros" 5 years. Yes 5 years and of those 5 years, of actual in ring work (work is such a strong word)  is closer to 2. So yes what I'm telling you is they are planning a program that is suppose to have rookies and "pros" with neither.

Lets move on to the actual torment that you may have to sit through on the program which will be well the entire show. If you have never seen a negative 5star match you-tube sharmell and jenna, because that is what we have in store for us on Tuesday nights for the next 4 weeks. The Mic work is going to be awful, the acting just as made and the in ring work worse. Did I mention this as also "PG WWE", no mud, no jello, no pillows, and fully dressed. If you want an hour women's show then damn it go buy shimmer!

What are they truly thinking putting this trash on TV; Fans I would love to hear what you think could replace this show, besides replays of Tuesday Night in Texas. How about some actual wrestling, DING! What a concept wrestling on a wrestling show. Yes I would like to see the mid-carders work 20 minute matches on Tuesdays, yes I would like to see a tag team division (check out my article on tag team wrestling).

It's really no longer about how bad is this show gonna be, because if you think it may even be OK put your drink down, put the cap on your pill bottle, and don't roll another. As a matter a fact stop reading now because your opinion really doesn't matter if you believe that. What I want is for each and everyone of you to tell me how you would make it better, how you would change,it and what you would do differently. I will be appearing on numerous wrestling sites and radio shows over the next week discussing your ideas and how I can get this show to just not even air at all. Or at least get it cut down to one week. Here are the contestants, here's the winner it's over.

Before You all leave your opinions and your feed back go you-tube the jenna and sharmell match from TNA then you can leave your thoughts, Untill next time life's full of choices don't settle.