"To Hell With Georgia!" Part Of The Georgia/Georgia Tech Hatred History

Brian TuckerContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 10:  The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets celebrate their 30-27 win over the Clemson Tigers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on September 10, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I'm no different than the rest of you; I use the power of Facebook, Twitter, Bleacher Report, and even the bulletin board in the office to have fun and well keep everyone in tune with how awesome I am. Georgia opened up at home, playing  Louisiana-Lafayette, while Georgia Tech was home in Atlanta hosting South Carolina State. We all knew these games were done before they hardly even started. I still had to wear my  Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns RED and WHITE loud and proud and mix in with the RED and BLACK of those Georgia MUTTS at my local "we've got every game in town, except Georgia Tech" venue. A friend of mine, a die hard Georgia Tech girl, posted on her Facebook that it was great to get excited about the game but sad to find out it's not being televised. Me, well being me, fired back with a good ole "TO HELL WITH GEORGIA" comment in reply to our Yellow Jackets getting no respect. In a matter of seconds I received this message in my Facebook Inbox. (Excuse the spelling errors, this is from the keyboard of a Georgia fan) "Brian thanks for the language which just transferred to my site for churches and Christians. Katy is a good friend of mine and she is a also a Christian. I don't know oyu and am not trying to geet into some big issue but I do wish you would think about not pushing that kind of language on a public site. your response just posted to almost 4,000 people because it showed on my site." Since when did "to Hell With Georgia" mean I'm not a Christian or that I'm condemning anyone for being a Georgia fan? By now if you don't know that I'm a Georgia Tech fan and that I feed off of the crying and whining that every Georgia fan exhibits at some point, you my friend need to take your little RED AND BLACK pom poms and go home! I love that I can still be judged with out asking and if nothing else it's week one and we're just that much closer to the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

The Georgia Bulldogs had a lot to prove on opening weekend and minus A.J. Green, the MUTTS looked pretty good. Red shirt freshman quarterback, Aaron Murray, made some mistakes, but the kid did throw for three touchdowns and run for one touchdown too. It looks like new defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, and his 3-4 defense are going to be the better highlight this season versus anything the Georgia offense might accomplish.

My Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets picked up where they left off, running the triple option, but if we don't pass more we won't be around at the end of the season to defend our ACC Championship. When your quarterback rushes for 120 yards, but only passes for 8 yards, well there is plenty of room for improvement.

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