Why The WWE Needs To Sign Awesome Kong

Rex WilliamsContributor ISeptember 5, 2010


It has become common knowledge that WWE prefers the small framed women as their divas, but (and try hard to believe me when I say this) it hasn't always been this way. Really, I'm being serious. In fact, WWE once preferred those that could wrestle and they even hired women that didn't necessarily fit their stereotypical figure.

Now, before you declare me crazy in the comments section, every bit of that last paragraph was true. But how does this relate to Kong? Well that's simple.

NoDQ.com says the reason Season 3 of NXT is an "All-Divas" cast is because "WWE was unhappy with the behavior of several Divas". This tells me that they are looking to replace some of the current divas with the cast of Season 3.

And finally, this is where Kong fits in. Aloisia was fired by Vickie Guerrero, who now has to debut an even bigger monster to shock the fans. So, when the time comes to watch Syfy for our weekly dose of the C-Brand, Vickie Geurerro reveals Awesome Kong as her new rookie! By the end of the show, Kong destroys every other rookie in her season and (just for the fun of it) attacks Matt Striker.



But Kong isn't going to stop at that. She proceeds to appear on Monday Night RAW and interferes in a highly entertaining (NOT) one-piece swimsuit contest! She destroys all of RAW's divas in a matter of minutes, but logically leaves Gail Kim to the end. She destroys Gail Kim causing her to be removed from the ring in a stretcher.

Kong's dominance continues and by the end of Season 3, she is declared the runner-up. (Note - Making her the winner would be stupid as 50% of the votes comes from the Pro's. This would mean they would be in favor of bringing the destructive Kong onto their roster. Logic, people.)

However, as Kong is leaving the ring (after destroying the winner of course) someone is waiting for her. Gail Kim comes down to the ring with every WWE Diva. They attack Kong, but instead are all thrown aside by her massive size. Gail is left limping on the ramp as Kong walks forward to her. Kong grabs her by the hair, but Gail kicks Kong's thigh and fights back. It isn't enough though as Kong choke slams her on the steel stage.

The next week on RAW, Kong challenges Melina to a match for her Women's/Diva's Championship at Bragging Rights. On the night, Kong defeats Melina and wins her first championship in the WWE. Gail Kim (who managed Melina) then challenged Kong to a match the next night on RAW.

On RAW, Kong didn't let the match begin as she attacked Gail on the ramp. This lead to a match at Survivor Series between Kong and Gail Kim. The match was (like those in TNA) a classic, but Gail couldn't defeat Kong. She didn't give up though and challenged her to another match at the TLC PPV.



Kong accepted and once again defeated Gail Kim to defend her Women's Championship. This was a Final Encounter match therefore Gail couldn't challenge for the championship again.

At Royal Rumble, WWE held the first ever Women's Rumble where 15 divas would battle it out for a match against the Women's Champion at Wrestlemania. As a surprise entry, Beth Pheonix (who was returning from injury) won the match and would challenge Kong at Mania!

The lead-up to the match would see Kong meet her biggest challenge in Beth. At Wrestlemania 27, Beth and Kong had an iconic match, but in the end Beth Pheonix managed to over turn the undefeated Awesome Kong!


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