How to Save The Straightedge Society: Replacing Joey Mercury

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIISeptember 5, 2010

How to Save The Straightedge Society: Replacing Joey Mercury

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    As we all know, The Straightedge Society is in some hot water. Serena has gotten released, Joey Mercury has gotten injured, and a stable can't be based around Luke Gallows.

    The reason The Straightedge Society never became what it could have is because CM Punk and only CM Punk was built up. Now that the Society is pretty much over, neither Gallows or Mercury have any individual credibility or momentum, because the entire time they were made to seem like Punk's inferiors. It didn't help CM Punk that much either because it was portrayed like he had a stable of weak people. Now, let's take a look at the top 5 potential replacements for Joey Mercury, and see why The SES does not have to end.

Darren Young

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    Darren Young already has a history with CM Punk, as CM Punk tried to save him. Now that Darren Young has been kicked out of The Nexus and he has nowhere to go, the storyline almost writes itself. This time around, if Young is portrayed as an equal member of The SES, rather than an inferior, then he can get over much more than he would in The Nexus.

Evan Bourne

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    This one is pretty simple. Evan Bourne is plenty over on RAW, so he would be a strong addition to The SES and he could get some major heat by doing so. He could form an exciting tag team with Luke Gallows, as one of them is a powerhouse and the other is a high flier or he could cause some indy fans to completely mark out by forming a team with CM Punk. Either way both The SES and Evan Bourne would benefit much more from Bourne joining The SES than from what Bourne is doing now.

John Morrison

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    While there will always be people who will argue that Morrison is a future world champion, let's be honest. The guy's going nowhere on RAW since he can't talk to save his life. How do you cover that up? By throwing a solid wrestler like Morrison behind a phenomenal mic worker like Punk, which could cover up his lack of mic skills. This could benefit Morrison a lot since it's a huge step up from jobbing to DiBiase in three minute specials and it would benefit The SES as it would add a strong and over personality to the stable.

Chris Masters

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    It is hard to go wrong with a strong enforcer like Gallows. However, it would be impossible with Gallows and Masters. The guy is currently lucky to make an appearance on SmackDown once a month. If he were to join The SES, he would definitely be able to form a tag team with Gallows and wreak havoc in the tag team divsion, while Punk could go for some singles gold. It would also be an interesting storyline if Punk did the talking, while his two bodyguards did the work for him. Either way, Masters would be nothing but an addition to the group, and it would be a major step up from what he's doing now.


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    It seems like all of the NXT Season 2 participants are doing a Nexus 2.0 kind of angle...without Kaval involved. Therefore, they can do the story where he has nowhere to go so he reluctantly joins The SES. Kaval could cash in his world title shot "without Punk's permission" and that would potentially set up the feud of the year. Just imagine the matches they'd put on.

Closing Thoughts

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    It's a shame that The Straightedge Society has to end so prematurely, when they could've become one of the greatest stables in history. It's a shame that WWE can't see that there are 5 guys running around doing nothing who would not only benefit the group but also benefit from the group. Anyway, who do you think should join The SES? Leave your feedback below and my RAW Review will be up Monday night/Tuesday morning. Until then, I am out.