Desperate And Sad: WWE, And Their Attempts To Sweep TNA Under The Rug

Michael BradfordContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

You ever have a medical issue that needs a doctor, but instead, you ignored it, hoping it would go away? Well, that’s what WWE is doing with wrestlers that have moved on to TNA. From Flair, to Angle, to Hardy, WWE is erasing (or trying to erase) the accomplishments that these wrestlers have. All because they are trying to make TNA “go away.”

When Tara “left” TNA, her photo appeared in the WWE Alumni section for a while, under her old name Victoria. But when it was revealed that Tara was the biker working with Madison Rayne, her pic was quickly removed from the Alumni section. This along with other instances, have shown that WWE is trying their best to ignoring TNA.

But what is actually happening, is that WWE is looking petty and sad. If WWE can’t market you, control you or your career, or have any say in what you do from the time you walk in for a try out, to the day you retire, you’re not worth the blood, sweat, tears, injuries, countless nights and millions of miles traveled you have accumulated. For a company the size of WWE, you would think this wouldn’t be an issue. Let’s be real: TNA is not on the same level that WWE is on…yet. And I think that is what has WWE spooked. Because TNA has the potential to be something great. Naturally, things need to be worked on in TNA, but there is hope for that company. So what is the WWE’s strategy? What is Vince doing to see to it that fans stay with WWE and not go to TNA? Is WWE improving the quality of the matches? Are they booking the right guys night in and night out? Are they giving the right people the opportunity for belts?

No, they’re trying to sweep TNA under the run, and ignore it.

WWE have this mentality that, if they close their eyes, plug their ears and yell “la la la la” at the top of their lungs, then TNA doesn’t exist. It’s only WWE, some indy promotions, and all these has-beens that just disappeared.

It’s sad, and it has to stop.

The reason why WWE’s fans are moving toward TNA, is because WWE is acting like the spoiled child that no one wants to, or has the ability to, discipline. But Vince has to be thinking the same thing that TNA fans are thinking: What if TNA got more and more popular? What if TNA got a fan base big enough to pose an actual threat to WWE? How can you ignore that.