Raven Blogs About, Chair Shots, Steroids, and Wrestling Deaths!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2010

Recently the always outspoken Raven posted up some thoughts on his blog. Over the years of seeing Raven Babble on endlessly I have grown to ignore him. This time he made some interesting points worth talk about.

I decided that I would dissect each statement and throw in my two cents on the issue.


Raven on chair shots to the head:

 "Chairshots to the head should only be banned if you dont know how to throw one properly. A suplex can be deadly in the wrong hands. If you throw a chair shot correctly, or know how to bump so the chair shot only grazes you hard enough to make a noise, they are fine. It is idiots who swing for the fences or morons who dont bump with them that should be banned. I guarantee you that more concussions are had by wrestlers from endless nonsensical high spots that the sheets promote as making a better match than chair shots to the head. I guarantee you that more concussions are had by wrestlers from working strong style that the sheets promote as making a better match than chair shots to the head."

My take:

I happen to agree with him on this issue. Chair shots have been a part of pro wrestling for as long as I can remember. It always added an excited element to wrestling as far as I am concerned. Raven was spot on in saying that they shouldn’t be banished.

As long as a wrestler knows what he or she is doing it isn’t an issue. So instead of banning them they should train the proper way to give and take them.  Either that, or rig up chairs they can use that aren’t has hard on the skull. I think the lack of headshots in the WWE or anywhere else dampers the product.


Raven on steroids:

 "The sheets crapped on the former ECW guys who werent in shape, but decry when wrestlers used steroids. Make up your mind. Benoit who until he became a double murderer was the biggest steroid user in the business and without steroids he never would have had a career, yet he was never buried for it. Other guys were. Don’t you love people who pick and choose their favorites when condemning society."

My take:

The people are slamming the ECW guys because they are sick of seeing them. Even if they were juiced up, it wouldn’t change that they aren’t as good in the ring anymore. Look at the Steiner’s, Flairs, and Hogan’s of the wrestling world. Just because you look like you’re in shape doesn’t always make it so.

Bringing up Benoit is just a low blow to the victims and the family’s name. He was also juicing up in an era where a lot of wrestlers were. The reason no one buried him and others then is because no one cared if wrestlers did roids.

Even after his death people were still juicing up. Wrestling is a fake sport, and for that reason most people don’t care if wrestlers juice up. Some do, but for the most part as long as a wrestler can perform there is no problem in the fans eyes. If a wrestler pollutes his body with roids that is his business not ours.



Raven on wrestling deaths:

 "Finally to all the sheet writers, if you were really as strongly convicted about stopping all the deaths in wrestling, you'd stop watching wrestling and supporting such a horrible business, you'd stop making money off it, you would try and get your readers to stop watching, and you would fight for what you claim to believe in, like getting us health care or what not. But no, you prefer to sit in your ivory tower decrying every death, then writing all about it waiting for the next death and continue to line your pocketbooks like the carpetbaggers you are. Which makes you pompous, holier than thou assholes."

My take:

He does make a few valid points. Let’s face facts; when a wrestler dies it’s an easy way to get a good hit count. How is any different anywhere else though? If you pick up a newspaper chances are they put the shock and awe stuff on the front page.

This is how the media makes its money. So should we tell people to stop living because the world we live in is a harsh one? Having the fans stop watching wrestling is not the answer. The solution is a very simple one. Give wrestlers a solid health care plan.

It would also be nice if they had a pension plan to help them out when they retire. I know this isn’t possible on the Indy circuit, but it can certainly be done with the bigger promotions. Raven cries that we should be the ones helping wrestlers get these things.

Here is an idea Raven. Why don’t you get out there and make it happen. You are the wrestler; you have a much better chance at rallying the troops to make this happen than we do. Sure we can shed some light on the situation, but it is very unlikely that we have the power to change the problems in wrestling.