Shine Fights Update: Grand Prix To Be Held In Newkirk, Oklahoma As Scheduled

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

According to, Shine Fights has once again hit a snag with an upcoming event.

Matt Erickson of AOL Fanhouse reported the Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program, which oversees MMA, would not grant Shine Fights a license to hold their event at the Patriot Center in Farifax, VA because of the fan-based matchmaking that created the tournament brackets. 

Erickson also reported that Shine Fights would look to secure a venue in Oklahoma and move forward with their one night, eight man tournament. 

Since this report has been published, B/R MMA has been able to shed a little more light on what in turning into more of a debacle by the minute. 

Ticketmaster's website is still selling tickets for the event at its original location.  B/R MMA contacted Ticketmaster and spoke with a supervisor regarding selling tickets for an event which has been denied a license to take place and rumored to have changed venue. 

The supervisor "checked their system" and stated they had not received anything from Shine Fights or their representatives about a change in venue. 

They went on to say that they would continue to sell tickets for the event that is to take place at the Patriot Center on September 10th.

The first purposed new location for the Grand Prix was reportedly Oklahoma.  At the time of this writing, the event is not listed in the Oklahoma upcoming MMA events. 

Also, according to Joe R. Miller of the O.A.C., he informed Shine Fights that he would not allow the event to take place in the state of Oklahoma under their purposed format. 

An email sent by B/R MMA asking if the event would be allowed to be held on an Oklahoma Native American Reservation was not immediately answered.  

The latest rumor from a source close to Shine Fights for a location for the event next Friday is Louisiana.  The event is not listed on the State's list of upcoming MMA events.

B/R MMA was able to get in touch with the Public Relations firm representing Shine Fights.  They said in a telephone conversation that the event "would go on as planned."  Messages left regarding where the event would be relocated have yet to be returned.

With six days and counting left, Shine Fights finds themselves in a tough place.  Planning a pay-per-view event is tough enough, but with the lack of time, venue, and sanctioning issues, it will be interesting to see if they can pull it off. 

UPDATE: reported last night that Shine Fights would be holding there event at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, OK.  B/R MMA was able to confirm this in a telephone conversation with a representative from the First Council Casino.