Has This Ever Happened Before In The Nfl ?

Adrian EspinozaContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

If I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong but this years draft has to be one of the best in Raiders history. Three to four years from now we will really know how good or bad this years draft was, but I can not remember when all players drafted  made the team. Has this ever happened before in the NFL with every player a team drafted being kept ?

It means the Raiders may be trying to go young which I can not believe since the team is one of the youngest in the NFL or it means that these players can play. This entire pre season all the draft picks have shown a flash of potential of what kind of player they may become.

With year after year of bad drafts maybe this will be the year that turns everything around. Teams are built in the draft not by free agency. Very rare is it when a high profile free agent goes into a team and turns that franchise around. There are exceptions to that rule with the Saints bringing in Drew Bree's to be the teams savior which is exactly what he turned out to be.

Mc Clain was the star of the draft for the Raiders being selected in the first round and all but he may not turn out to be the best player the Raiders picked up. Lamar Houston has shown that he has the speed and strength to be a force to reckon with. Jared Veldheer and Bruce Cambell have both the size and strength to be cornerstones of a offensive line for a decade but are still very raw with Veldheer being the more ready of the two to play now which just might happen with him starting at center.

Some so called draft experts had Cambell being selected with the number 8 pick due to his crazy combine workout that showed the guy is a freak. Raiders were able to snag him in the 4th. He may not be ready to start now but he will be thrown in the rotation and makes the depth of the Raider line that much better.

Jacoby Ford is a classic Al Davis pick. He ran the fastest 40 yard dash in the combine. Some thought speed was his only deal but the kid can straight out play. And besides being a Davis pick he was a need. Special teams was not so special in the kickoff return department last season and Ford brings a much needed spark to that area.

Walter Mcfadden, Jeremy Ware and Stevie Brown  add much needed depth to the Raiders secondary with Stevie Brown looking he may be the star in the making of that group showing that he has a nose for the ball in the pre season. These guys will not start but they will be running down the field on special teams.

Travis Goethel is one of those blue collar guys that I was rooting for. He will be used mostly on special teams and who knows with some time and learning the system may see him on the field with the talented group of linebackers the Raiders have.

Much props to the scouts and the guys who pulled the trigger on drafting these players they look like they can play and are real football players. Tell me Raider nation who is your favorite player the Raiders drafted and who do you think will be the star of the group.