Tiger Woods: 10 Reasons He’s Not Good Enough to Win PGA Tour Playoffs

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2010

Tiger Woods: 10 Reasons He’s Not Good Enough to Win PGA Tour Playoffs

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    It seems like just yesterday Tiger Woods was on top of the world and everyone and their dogs were playing his video game.

    Nowadays, Woods’ life has been anything but on top of the world.

    And the world’s former No. 1 golfer has been on a free-fall since the entire world found out about the two-faced Woods confirmed he had been involved in numerous extramarital affairs.

    Since that time, Woods’ golf scores have begun to sink—and he’s on the brink of becoming just an average (yet still good) golfer after taking the world by storm as a skinny kid and remaining there for what seemed like an eternity.

    But after fast-forwarding through time, we see a different Woods.

    A Woods without a wife and noticeably searching for how his life became a complete disaster.

    A Woods who second-guesses himself on the golf course and can’t seem to get his groove back in a sport he once ruled.

    All that to say this: here are 10 reasons why Woods isn’t good enough to win PGA Tour playoffs…

No. 10: Struggled in 2010 Open Championship at St. Andrews

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    To say Tiger Woods struggled in this season’s Open Championship at St. Andrews would be an understatement.

    Amazingly, he completed the tourney just 13 shots behind the winner in a terrible putting performance—finishing three-under par overall and tied for 23rd place.

    Woods’ third round play at St. Andrews featured numerous missed short putts, and he followed with a final round of poor putting as well.

    If this type of play continues for Woods, don’t bet on him winning the PGA Tour Playoffs.

No. 9: Tied for 46th Place in AT&T National in Late June

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    Woods finished tied for 46th place in the AT&T National that took place in late June, despite being a favorite by many heading into the tournament.

    A former host of the AT&T National, Woods failed to post a single round under par as he struggled coming out the games.

    And once again (I really don’t want to begin sounding like a broken record), if Woods continues to play this way, there’s no way he’ll be winning the PGA Tour Playoffs anytime soon.

No. 8: Woods Posted Worst Four-Round Result in August

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    The Bridgestone Invitational, held Aug. 8, has been fairly a breeze for Woods in the past.

    But the 2010 season has been a cruel one for the world’s No. 1 golfer, who finished the Bridgestone Invitational tied for 78th place (18-over par).

    It was Woods’ worst four-round result as a professional golfer, according to Wikipedia, as he finished the tourney second-to-last place.

    Need I say more?

No. 7: The 2010 Season Has Not Been Kind to Tiger Woods

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    All three former slides have really led up to this generalized statement that the 2010 season has been far from kind to Woods.

    After missing the start of the season, Woods returned to professional golf for the 2010 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, starting April 8.

    Woods finished the Masters tied for fourth before his true downhill climb began.

    He then missed the cut at the 2010 Quail Hollow Championship in late April—before withdrawing from The Players Championship on May 9 (fourth round) due to what Woods later called a neck injury.

    About a month later, Woods returned for The Memorial Tournament—finishing the event tied for 19th place, his worst finish in the tourney since 2002.

    He then bounced back at the U.S. Open held at Pebble Beach in mid-June, finishing the tournament tied for fourth place.

    The question now: is it too little, too late, for Woods to rack up the needed points to take home a PGA Tour Playoffs title?

    I highly doubt it.

No. 6: Woods Entered This Week No. 65 in FedEx Cup Standings

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    Woods entered this weekend’s play at No. 65 in FedEx Cup points, and he’ll need a remarkable finish to continue his climb to the top of the standings.

    However, he’s been doing a phenomenal job thus far at Deutsche Bank—firing a 2010 season-low round of six-under 65.

    Is there still time for Tiger to make an assent to the top?

    Sure, there’s time; but I don’t see Woods winning the PGA Tour Playoffs this season.

No. 5: Short Game, Putting Skills Lacking From Tiger’s Game

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    Unfortunately for Woods (and possibly his caddie as well), the world’s No. 1 golfer has been struggling mightily with a putter in 2010.

    And it’s been a headache for numerous apparent tap-ins gone bad.

    It’s also something Woods need to—and must—fix if he truly intends to make a run in the upcoming tournaments in a hope to take home a PGA Tour Playoffs title.

    But there’s a whole lot of room to grow, and I highly doubt he’ll be continuing to play as brilliantly as we have witnessed his play so far at Deutsche Bank.

    Then again, I could be wrong…

No. 4: Currently Cannot Mentally Handle the Pressure on the Course

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    Pressure on the golf course used to be something Tiger Woods seemed to thrive on.

    But 2010 has been a different season and a different story for Woods.

    This season, Woods appears to not be able to handle the pressure that arrives on the golf course.

    Maybe it has something to do with his divorce and 360-turnaround in his lifestyle.

    Or maybe it just has to do with Woods beginning to lose his footing in controlling the golfing world.

    Whatever the case may be, Woods is absolutely not looking like the world’s No. 1 golfer (minus his recent remarkable run at Deutsch Bank) and he may be in danger of going home early in 2010.

    One thing is certain: Woods’ handling of both on and off the course issues have plagued his play this season, and it’s effected his golfing mentality as well.

No. 3: Look of Confidence Has Faded to Second Guessing

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    Remember that constant look of confidence on the face of Tiger Woods?

    It’s gone.

    And likely long gone.

    But what’s even more shocking is that Woods’ concrete look of confidence has been replaced by a perplexed look of second guessing.

    We all know the old Tiger was a fable anyway, but the 2010 Woods is the real thing: what you see is what you get.

    And so far, it’s not looking good for Woods this season.

    He may be able to continue a climb for a while, but I truly don’t see Woods closing in on the leaders and would be shocked if he won the PGA Tour Playoffs this season.

No. 2: True Passion, Fire Missing From Woods’ Game

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    Another key ingredient missing from Woods’ recent play has been the golfer’s swagger, passion, and fire for the game of golf.

    Where have they gone?

    Most likely, they are just in hiding or hiatus.

    But regardless, they are still missing; and until Woods finds those lost—yet vital—pieces to his game, he’s going to be stuck in a rut for quite some time.

    Yes, Woods will eventually bounce back mentally and I am sure his game will begin to improve as well.

    But looking at his 2010 season, I don’t see him coming anywhere close to taking home the PGA Tour Playoffs title.

No. 1: More Than Just Tiger’s Reputation Has Gone Down the Drain

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    That late winter night in 2009 that rocked the golfing world and changed Tiger Woods’ life forever (along with his families’ lives) was more than about just losing a reputation.

    Woods also lost sponsors.

    He lost fans.

    And, most importantly (yet sadly), he lost his wife and kids in a bitter divorce.

    But along with Woods’ pretty boy image being flushed down the toilet in November 2009, his game began to sink as well when he returned to the golf course in 2010.

    Which leads us to where we stand today, and the chances of Woods making the needed run to win the PGA Tour Playoffs in 2010.

    Can it happen?

    Sure, anything is possible.

    But I’m going out on a limb right now and claiming: no, Woods will not be winning the PGA Tour Playoffs this season.

    Woods’ game has been off since he returned to the course following his complete family free-fall, and I think it’s going to take quite a bit of time until we see the dominant No. 1 golfer that we used to know…


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