Five Must Read MMA Books

Will AndersonCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

Five Must Read MMA Books

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    As the kids go back to school and the weather begins to get a bit colder, some of you out in MMA land are probably looking for a little in house activity to bide the time between the next pay- per- view and your Jiu Jitsu Class,.

    Well low and behold, has B/R got something for you... Here are the five best books ( yes books, remember those?) that you can read right now, and guess what? ; they are all based on MMA.

    How great is that? Here is where reading really can be fundamental.  

Got Fight

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    The former Light Heavyweight champ mixes humor and realism in his first book.

    Got Fight is a great book for those with a real morbid sense of humor.

    What many people might not realize is that he's actually really intelligent and has a self depricating way about him which explains why he appeals to so many people as the "Average Joe" Fighter. 

Becoming The Natural

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    Randy Couture gives you a true in depth look at his life.

    There are many reasons to be a fan of Randy Couture. He's a legend in MMA, very personable, and maintains a level of humility that is uncommon for someone with his accomplishments. 

    If you don't like Randy or were on the fence about how you felt about him, this book will certainly help you change your mind. 

    In Becoming the Natural, Randy Couture shows us all that while he may have the nickname of the marvel superhero Captain America, he's far from perfect. 

    From the start of his MMA career to his bouts with infidelity, this book has it all. 

Why I Fight

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    Right about now BJ might actually searching for the answer to this statement.

    BJ Penn's autobiographical attempt was nothing short of amazing.

    If you are a Brazilian Ju Jitsu Practitioner, you are going to love this book. 

    The main focus of the book was on BJ's early days as a BJJ student working hard towards the path of black belt. The topic then shifts toward his move into MMA. All together, this a great overall book.

Blood In The Cage

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    Great combo book on Pat Miletich and MMA History.

    A book which can be read over the span of a weekend, but will leave you incredibly sad once it's over.

    MMA Legend, Pat Miletich really shines in this one with his tales of near super human toughness of Chuck Norris like proportions. 

    This guy took on a dude in a Jeep and still lived to tell about it. 

Total MMA

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    The greatest book for MMA History.

    Here it is, the # 1 book on MMA. Whether you a newbie to the sport, or just trying to expand your knowledge, this is a sure fiire way to impress your friends with some real background knowledge. 

    Please be warned that this is a pretty long book, and is the size of a small brick. 

    Trust me it will will be worth it.

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