Why The Kobe / Jordan Debate Is Over.. and Has Been

Fight NightContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

I'm a numbers guy.  So I like to do things by the data.

The data would indicate not only is the debate over, it should have never started.



Major Records (All-time) held by both players:



Highest Points Per Game Average:  30.12

Most Seasons as Scoring Leader:  11

Consecutive Scoring Leader Seasons: 7 (tied with Wilt Chamberlain)

Most 30+ Point games:  563

Most Seasons leading the league in steals: 3 (tied with 3 other players (not Kobe))

Most points scored in a playoff game: 63

Most consecutive fg's made in a playoff game: 13

Most Points (Postseason): 5,987

Highest Postseason Points Per Game Average: 33.45


No significant all-time records (per wikipedia).  All of Kobe's are in relation to age, most of which have now been shattered by Lebron James.

  • Youngest player to reach

In 15 Seasons for Jordan he achieved the following (this includes his time as a Wizard)

in comparison to 14 seasons for Kobe

6 Rings                                      5 Rings

5 MVPs                                     1 MVP

14 All Stars                                 12 All Stars

6 Finals MVPs                            2 Finals MVPs

10 All-NBA first Team                  8 All-NBA first team

9 All-NBA Defensive First Team   8 All-NBA Defensive First Team

1 NBA Def Player of the year        0

1 Rookie of the Year                     0

2 Gold Medals                              0

30.1ppg / 6.2 rpg / 5.3 apg  .497FG           25.3ppg / 5.3 Rpg / 4.7apg   .455FG

So... in summary.  5x Jordan was awarded the League's MVP - Kobe once.

Jordan has as many Finals MVP's as Kobe has rings and 3x as many as Kobe.

Jordan won an NBA title in 6 consecutive seasons in which he played.

He scored 18.97% more Points Per Game, 16.98% more Rebounds Per Game , 12.77% more assists per game, and made 9.2% more of his shots.  This INCLUDES his three years in his late 30's where he played with an awful Wizards team. If you take that time out... I can't believe people even entertain the conversation.

Kobe is a great basketball player.  He should be left at that. 




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