WWE Wrestlers Who Should Jump Ship To TNA

Lisa FutureWrestlerContributor ISeptember 7, 2010

WWE Wrestlers Who Should Jump Ship To TNA

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    Hello Bleachers :)

    WWE hasn't really been doing so well with their storylines right now.

    They haven't done a really good job going about pushing the right wrestlers, either.

    Jack Swagger's WHC reign was booked horribly was a waste of time.

    The Miz is holding the MITB briefcase, yet he can't even defend the U.S. title.

    But there's always that group of talented wrestlers that always get the short end of the stick.

    The people that always deserved a push for some reason (mostly politics) they never get the career they deserve.

    This article is for people in WWE who are being misused and should think about relocating their career to TNA.

Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim was already in TNA from 2007-2008. But after her contract expired from TNA, she re-signed with the WWE in August 2008.

    She reportedly was given a downside guarantee in the $100,000 range to join WWE. Currently she has a little left than one year left in her WWE contract.

    I think Gail Kim has been highly underused.

    She is a phenomenal wrestler, and has been recently sitting on the sidelines, as the Raw Divas pass the Divas Championship around.

    While Gail Kim if used correctly could do great things for WWE Women's Division, I think she would fare better back in TNA.

    I say give TNA a year to clear up their Women's division. They have Victoria, Taylor Wilde, Hamada, Daffney, Angelina Love, and hopefully they bring back ODB and Awesome Kong. Let the TNA Women's division become great again, and strengthen it further by bringing in Gail Kim.

    Then the TNA Knockouts Division would literally knock out the WWE Divas' division.

Evan Bourne

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    Earlier this summer, it seemed like Evan Bourne was about to be pushed into heaven. He teamed with John Cena against Edge and Sheamus, and scored the winning pinfall after a beautiful AirBourne

    But time moved on, and well that "push" is long gone with Evan is now back on his losing streak.

    If WWE doesn't push Evan Bourne and stop letting him be a jobber, Evan Bourne should have a much more successful career in TNA.

    For starters, TNA actually has an X-Division so we could see Evan Bourne go against people like Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick, and Douglas Williams. He could even go after A.J. Styles' TV Championship. (Evan Bourne v.s. A.J. Styles would be amazing!)

    Anyway if WWE does not use Evan Bourne correctly, TNA would give him more opportunities than WWE has to offer.

Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy is screwed.

    He is currently really unhappy with his place in WWE, and has been "tweeting" alot about how he feels he is underused.

    Now, really, the only option for Matt is to go to TNA. It sure as hell doesn't look like he'll be getting a push in WWE anytime soon. Matt has been sitting in WWE doing virtually nothing, and has been stuck in the lower midcards.

    But here's where the real problem comes.

    TNA already has a Hardy. Jeff Hardy. If Matt were to go to TNA, it's not like he would be getting a world title shot at all. He would be stuck in the midcards, again, and would feel like he was not being used correctly (again).

    Damn, doesn't it feel like Jeff is always stealing Matt's thunder?

Jillian Hall

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    Jillian has been overlooked and overused, and is a victim of bad booking.

    She has been given a bad singing gimmick, and spends her time losing to The Bella Twins, and other divas.

    She is a 1-time WWE Divas Champion, but lost it back to Melina on the same night in less than 5 minutes. Jillian is a great wrestler and has the strength, beauty, and skills to be the next big diva. But WWE is not really anxious to push her at all. 

    This may have something to do with Jillian's numerous plastic surgeries. Now I don't know any of this for sure, but I'm guessing definitely boob implants, lip injections, and facelifts.

    That is definetly not a good reason to not push Jillian. Along with Gail Kim, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Melina, and Michelle McCool, they are the women who should be getting title shots and giving 5 star matches. (BTW, Have you seen that Samoan drop Jillian does?)

    I feel like Jillian could do so much more in TNA.

    She could finally get a long title reign like she deserves, and be a legit threat or champion to the TNA Knockout Title.


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    WWE REALLY dropped the ball with the most valuable player, MVP.

    MVP started his WWE career in 2006, being signed to "the largest contract in SmackDown! history."

    MVP used to be a really great heel. He was half man, half amazing, the Franchise Playa, the Ballin' Superstar.

    He is the longest reigning United States Champion, and was a perfect heel.

    But then he got in some trouble backstage. He went on a long losing streak, and then was drafted to Raw and turned face. He was in a tag team with Mark Henry, and had a brief feud with Jack Swagger and The Miz.

    In The 2010 WWE Draft, he was drafted back to Smackdown, and has not really done anything special. He was in many tag team matches with JTG and Chris Masters, and is now in a feud with Jack Swagger.

    If things continue to go the way they have been for MVP, I think the "Franchise Playa" should head over to TNA.

    He could be a legit contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He could face Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, The Pope, and he would be a great addition to the list of TNA contenders.


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    Christian (like, Gail Kim) was in TNA from 2005-2009. 

    While there he had instant success, and quickly beat Jeff Jarrett to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion at 2006 TNA Against All Odds. Also while in TNA, Christian formed Christian's Coalition, along with Tomko and Scott Steiner. They helped him retain his title on numerous occasions.

    Once Christian's TNA contract had expired, he re-signed with the WWE in 2009. He became ECW champion, but was drafted to Raw when ECW ended. He did next to nothing on Raw, and was drafted to Smackdown in April in the 2010 WWE Draft. He competed in a tournament to crown the WWE Intercontinental Champion, but lost in the Finals to Kofi Kingston.

    That pretty much leads us to where we are now with Christian in the middle of a feud with Drew McIntyre, I think.

    I never really understood what happened with Christian's career in WWE. Christian and Edge were the tag team, E&C and along with The Hardyz and The Dudley Boyz, they revolutionized the TLC Match.

    So when E&C broke up, Edge went on to become a 9-time World Champion and the biggest thing Christian's done is become ECW champion. Edge and Christian are about the same when it comes to wrestling ability and mic skills, I'd even venture to say that Christian is better.

    I think that if WWE does not start utilizing Christian in say a year, then he should jump ship to TNA. 

    TNA realizes Christian's talent and abilities. He does not have to immediately placed in the main event like so many people have, he can stay in the midcards a little while and then go for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

John Morrison

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    Who would have thought in 2009 when Miz & Morrison broke up that The Miz would be getting the bigger push?

    I could have swore that John Morrison would be a main event star by now but for some reason unbenounced to me he is stuck on Raw teaming with R-Truth.

    WWE has completely dropped the ball with John Morrison.

    He's hott, his glasses and T-Shirts sell, he is one of the most marketable superstars today. His wrestling style completely suits his style and character. Granted, his mic skills may not be top-notch, but you can't deny that the guy freakin' looks like a superstar.

    So why is he stuck on Raw losing to guys like David Otunga and Skip Sheffield, who have no business being on Raw, let alone actually wrestling.

    Let's say in a year, Morrison is still on Raw is a lackluster tag team with R-Truth, or doing something else completely pointless.

    IF WWE does not realize Morrison's talent I think that John should call it quits with WWE and head over to TNA.

    With a heel turn, and a cocky new attitude he could go face Samoa Joe, or A.J. Styles (what a match that would be). 

    TNA has a habit of capatilizing on WWE's mistakes and turning them into stars (The Pope, Mr. Anderson, etc.)