WWE's NXT Season 3: Are There Possibly Hidden Motives?

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

I have quietly sat on the sidelines of Bleacher Report for a while, watching articles coming and going. Every once in a while rearing my head to comment on a situation or article I think is interesting. I have also kept up with my favorite pastime which is watching wrestling.

While I felt about commenting on many things such as the debuting of Dos Caras Jr. as Alberto Del Rio, the interesting concept of NXT, or the Nexus storyline, I held my tongue and chose to watch and enjoy allowing others to voice opinions. I shared, silently agreeing, perhaps even commenting if I found their view lacked some points.

However, I cannot even begin to stress the shock I felt when it was revealed NXT season 3 featured an all female cast. Now it's not that I don't enjoy women wrestling, in fact, I enjoy it very much.

On the other hand, unlike those that simply marvel at the glory days of Trish and Lita, or praise the ring work of MsChif (whom to clarify I feel is the greatest female wrestler going today), Mickie James, or Awesome kong, I find the ever increasing ability of Kelly Kelly, the skills of Melina that led Bret Hart to declare her the best, and even the incredibly irritating antics of "laycool" almost as enjoyable.

I took it at face value first...we really can't expect WWE to produce eight new male stars every four months, and not run out. It's just not possible without falling into a formula or by elevating mediocrity. But given the current declining state of the divas division, it's not impossible to fathom that WWE would seek to rebuild it, but given the popular view of it, one has to wonder why WWE would choose to produce an all diva edition of NXT, especially considering an all divas episode of ECW was shot down after a huge backlash, and that was only a one time deal. Does WWE really feel a whole four months of diva matches will produce ratings?

There is no doubt in my mind that the WWE has paid attention to the internet more than ever, and it seems one of the most common topic choices is well, to be blunt, how their divas division blows and it's only the occasional fan that enjoys it.

That is what leads me to believe it's possible there is a hidden motive behind this choice for NXT season 3. There is the whole refreshing the diva's division idea. They want to create change, but it seems almost as if this is a test, not just for the divas but for the fans as well.

WWE is a wise corporate juggernaut. They are trying to see if the fans really do want to see the diva's division revamped, or if they are just whining for the sake of complaining and nit picking.

They may also be trying to see if the Diva's can produce ratings even close to that of the male superstars, or if their current idea of keeping the divas matches short and sweet and only using their divas as valets or company for guests, or dare I say it if there is even a point in hiring and keeping on divas as signed talent, or taking the TNA route and paying them via appearance would be more profitable? Is there a point in even having a championship, let alone two? (Which is already being turned into one)

To put it as straight forward as I can, the WWE is trying to see if the fans care enough about their divas division to watch the divas perform regularly.

Now maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm still going to turn into NXT just as regularly as I always loyally have, this is why I ask of those of you who do care about the WWE's divas division and want to see change to tune in to NXT season 3 as well, give it a chance, and give the WWE divas an opportunity.