The T.I. Fan's Sentiments on Recent Events in the WWE

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

What's up Bleaches? ''No time to waste, so let's bleach it!''

I know I've been M.I.A (missing in action) here on Bleacher Report for quite some time now, but I was still able to keep updated with what was going on in the pro-wrestling world during this time period. My internet connection crashed and my monitor began showing a handful of lengthy and squiggly green lines on it, causing it to malfunction. So I was forced to keep my views on what was going on in the WWE boggled up inside for a whole long month....and some days. ''NOT ANYMORE!!''

Internet is back online and just received a brand new monitor, so I'm back on track. This article will feature my thoughts on some of the events and activities in the WWE that caught my eye during the time I was sidelined from being an active writer and stuff going on in the last few weeks.


FINALLY! After being denied by a then selfish and unwilling to put over Rey Mysterio in 2009. After having a meaningless feud with a man that didn't deserve to win the Intercontinental title from Rey Mysterio at the time in John Morrison, Dolph finally carved his name into WWE history. On the August 6 edition of SmackDown!, Ziggler defeated then champion Kofi Kingston and became the 66th individual to win the Intercontinental title.

I was ecstatic for Ziggy because all of his long waiting and hard work had finally paid off. My only problem is that WWE is beginning to make his title reign mirror Sheamus's current WWE title run and I didn't approve of that one bit. Ziggler has defended his title against Kofi three times since becoming champion. On all three occasions, Dolph has never beaten Kofi cleanly or decisively, by submission or pinfall. ''NOT ONCE WWE?''

So let me get this straight.''They didn't let him beat Rey Mysterio for the title, but they won't let him get a clean victory over Kofi Kingston to retain his title?'' Pretty weird stuff WWE, but I just hope that he can move on to feud with someone else that he can look credible against. ''KAVAL ANYONE?''


Melina made her return to the ring on the August 2nd edition of Raw, making it known that she wanted the Divas title back by attacking the champion at the time, Alicia Fox. Melina would then make her pay-per-view return at the 23rd annual SummerSlam and would go on to defeat Alicia Fox in front of her home town and become the WWE Divas champion for the second time.

I for one was very happy to see Melina win her fifth title in the WWE, but I really felt that the WWE didn't have to rush into things and have her regain the title back so quickly just because she was in her hometown. Alicia Fox was making good progress as champion and I felt that they could have milked the feud a bit more and have Alicia go over Melina at least two times until giving her the title. I guess they weren't as high on Alicia as we all thought.


On the August 16 episode of Monday Night Raw, the Unified tag titles were disbanded and a new set of belts simply known as the ''WWE tag team championships'' were presented to The Hart Dynasty by Bret Hart. A lot of WWE fans have given negative comments about the belts, saying that the bronze finish makes the belt look ugly and the helmet sign was not traditional enough.

I for one liked the new design and changing the regular eagle logo to the roman helmet design was a nice change of pace. I think having each tag team come out with all of those belts each week was unnecessary and they should have made a new pair of belts weeks after they were unified. I just hope that the WWE can find credible wrestlers for the Hart Dynasty to feud so the new titles can look just as meaningful as the ones before them.


Serena was exactly what Smackdown! needed since Beth Phoenix left and I was elated when she debuted in wrestling fashion on Smackdown! a few weeks ago. I heard a lot of people bragging about her wrestling ability and she didn't disappoint. WWE finally had a another diva who had all the tools needed to achieve the status that divas like Melina, Mickie, Beth and Michelle had reached in recent years. Then when I read about the anti-diva being released, I was like WTF!

After finally finding a woman who had the total package; youth, sexiness, beauty, great wrestling background, charisma and mic let her slip out of your hands? But I guess WWE felt like they were beginning to look like fools with all the chances they had given her and warned her about her rowdy behavior on the road and not living up to the ''Straight Edge'' storyline in real life.

Well if that was the case, then why didn't they just have her quit Straight Edge Society and give her a singles role? I rather see Serena on her own, than see no Serena at all. I'm going to miss that beautiful, bald-headed face.


I quite honestly don't like this idea at all. First off, where will this leave divas like Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Layla, and Kelly Kelly if Smackdown! lose? Where will this leave divas like Maryse, Gail Kim, Tamina, Natalya, and Melina if Raw lose? Unless they are planning on putting all the divas on one show or release the useless ones, then this shouldn't take place.

Divas like Maryse, Michelle, Alicia, Eve and even the underrated Jillian might have never been given time to shine if it wasn't for the Divas title. I never had a problem with the Divas title and was so glad that both brands could have two divas holding equivalent titles for their respective brand. Now they are saying that they want to unify all the titles by next year? If that happens, we might see a lot of wrestlers in very weird and awkward storylines and see the younger and talented ones get buried even more. Let's just hope that this won't come to pass.


I couldn't believe my ears when Sheamus announced that he was going to defend his title against Zack Ryder just so he could circumvent the company's 30 day championship defense policy. I mean, I like Zack Ryder, but seriously? What kind of freaking credibility did The Celtic Warrior get out of defeating Zack Ryder? I know he made history by being taking part in the 2nd shortest WWE championship match in WWE history, but did it really do Sheamus any favors as the current champion?

I'm glad that he finally got a clean victory while defending his title, but why couldn't it be against someone like Chris Jericho, Edge, Cena or Randy Orton? One loss wouldn't hurt Randy IMO because look he bounced right back after he lost to Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules, so why couldn't he put Sheamus over like that? The Celtic Warrior damn sure deserves a lot better than this baloney the WWE is feeding him right now. They better not make him lose at Night of Champions because if he does, then he will surely get the tag of being nothing more than a transitional champion.


Darren young brought a lot of aggressiveness and physicality to the group and I was quite surprised that ''Ginger Ninja'' Heath Slater didn't get kicked out of the group before Young did. I guess WWE saw something in Heath that they couldn't quite see in Darren. Unless they plan on bringing Darren back into the Nexus fold some how, then I can only see the famous future endeavors line coming his way, so they better try something else and maybe bring him back repackaged with a whole new persona.

Now Nexus took a major freaking blow when Skip got injured. Skip was the powerhouse of the group and even though the guy might look like nothing more than a muscle-headed brute, he can work the mic as well and could easily get the message over to the fans without having a nervous or awkward look on his face.

Skip was indeed the second guy in command and his devastating signature clothesline were show cased as an appetizer to Justin Gabriel's main course 450 splash, during the end their hellacious beatdowns. Skip's injury is said to be very severe and with him missing in action for the next 5 to 6 months, I honestly can't see him coming back to find Nexus still around and I would expect the group to disband by then. Nexus is still move strong against the WWE, but for how long? 


On the 900th episode of Raw, Nexus indeed left a major mark in the history of Raw and made there presence known by defeating five of the biggest stars in the WWE today, in a five-on-five elimination match. Nexus members Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett and Heat Slater received major rubs in the match; with Justin eliminating John Cena, Heath eliminating the WWE champion Sheamus, and Wade getting the last laugh by defeating Randy Orton to win the match for his stable.

If that wasn't enough. Nexus even received a huge push during the beginning of the night, by leaving the Undertaker beaten, bruised and battered in the middle of the ring, with the help of Taker's own brother Kane. Nexus really needed to gain back some credibility after the group got their behinds handed to them at SummerSlam. They certainly gained all of it back though, regardless of them being down by two men. 

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''That's it for me Bleaches!''