Mayweather: Racist, Scared, and an Outright Embarassment. Class Trumps

Fight NightContributor ISeptember 4, 2010



So... wow.


I mean... wow.  


That's my first response to the profanity-riddled riff that the months-invisible-suddenly-everywhere Floyd Mayweather's (or as he is much often rightly referred - Fraud Mayrunner) recent video release. 

Yes - WoW.  Even though on at least 6 separate occasions, I have vowed that no matter how childish, or fraudulent or utterly ridiculous Floyd's statements have been, that I would "never be surprised again".  I mean... the guy has a history littered with quotes that don't make sense or align with what he's doing, that are derogatory or inflammatory, or are simply for the sake of shock value.  What I never get, is how critics, fans, promoters, detractors alike - all seem to have resigned to the same responses though:

-That's "just Floyd"

-Well... he's a prize fighter, he fights for money, so "he's right"

-He's just "keeping it real"

-It's "all strategy"


-He's the "ultimate promoter" , who cares if you pay to see him win or lose, you pay!

-If you can back it up, then why not?

And.. to an extent... I get it.  I do get SOME of the statements (in fractions and in partial quotations) making sense to some degree.  But the cumulative body of work would demonstrate that all this posturing, boasting, attacking, and slandering, is all simply evidence of someone with good reason to be insecure.  Any undergraduate psychology student can tell you that is the most common response to insecurity - deep insecurity.  The part I don't get - that many pro-floyd supporters (like most of mainstream media, ie Jason Smith on ESPN) want one without the other.  They want to praise him for "being floyd" but there's no second part... the part where he gets called on the carpet.  So with that in mind, I decided to take a stab at the counterpoints to the recent Floyd "Diss Tape" that is out on the internet today.

Some statements from Floyd - yes... these are unfortunately direct quotes.

"I will cook that yellow chump.  I will cook him up with some barbequed dog." - Yellow, being a racist and derogatory term for anyone of Asian/Phillipino Descent.  Also... why would you cook him?  And he's dragging animal rights activists into it... and talking about barbequing dogs? summary...I don't get it.

"I will kick the midget's A**". While somewhat amusing... the second part is... then why didn't you sign on the dotted line?


"His name is Emanuelle.  He's got a fake name, taking power pellets." As usual, the statement doesn't have an ounce of sense, but he references power pellets.  Floyd - what does that mean?  What steroid do you think he's on?  And if you will "whip him", why would I assume he's on anything at all?

"I'll make him make me a sushi roll, and make me some (expletive) rice." So... now I get it.  You don't want to fight Pacquiao, you want him to make you sushi and rice, and then cook him with barbequed dog... got it.

"He can't speak English." Irony.

"He never seen a contract he didn't like."  Well one... I agree 100%.  2... then HOW in God's Name are you two not in the ring, and it's HIS fault?!?!?  Whooops.  Insert foot into mouth...again.

"I've stepped up to the plate 41 times, and I'm not worried about nobody." - This is a guy who hasn't fought someone other than a senior citizen, guys out of their weight class, or just simply not the best out there since 2002.  And he has 1 KO in his last 6 fights over Ricky Hatton.  The same Ricky Hatton who Pacquio obliterated in 2 rounds and retired.  You sound worried just because you say that.  So...

39 Year old Mosely / Juan Manuel Marquez fighting 3 CLASSES higher than normal - your last 2 fights after retirement are stepping up to the plate? Do you really count those?  2 guys With MORE losses than Pacquiao??  Mayweather also said in the video "Pacquiao has 3 losses".  Great, then it's settled, go serve him then.


"Once I beat him I'll move on to the next".  "As of right now, I don't have the urge to get up."  Wait a second... you're releasing a video to talk trash, and you can't wait to beat him down, but... right now... you're just not feeling it?  Well you got up to make a video.  How bout you man up and get in the ring?

"If we're cheating...we're cheating the fans."  A) Because that's what floyd is about - the fans.  He has to be the MOST anti-fan athlete out there today!  B) Cheating the fans - the textbook definition would be claiming you're the best in the world and not fighting the only guy anyone wants to see you fight.  So... nice try.

"If he's afraid of needles, why's he getting a tattoo after every fight."  With this... Floyd just makes it TOO easy.  A) He didn't say he was "afraid of needles" in general. Ever.  He has repeatedly indicated he does not like getting blood drawn (via a needle) WHILE he is in training, as it impacts him.  For anyone who's ever donated blood, not only are you encouraged to relax, you are certainly encouraged not to go train for a world-class prize fight immediately upon leaving.  Floyd again manages to disprove his own statement and reinforce truth despite his obvious attempt at doing the opposite.  Meaning - "...getting a tattoo after every fight." - The key word being "after".  Yes Floyd, AFTER fights he will often go under the needle.  Just as he agreed to do a blood test immediately after the fight.  Any doctor will tell you that if I am influenced by a performance enhancing substance at 9pm, it is physically impossible for it to suddenly vacate my body, void of evidence that it was ever there, by midnight.  The reality is, you don't need a blood test pre-fight, you get the same result.  So... it's not as if he couldn't add to the contract - if you are found with steriods immediately following the fight, that both fighters agree the fight is stricken from record.  Of course you could.


So, in closing - again... WOW.

But I wanted to revisit the initial "Floyd Defense" statements:


-That's "just Floyd" - Sorry.  This doesn't make it right, or true, or okay.  Have some class and make sense.  It's not too much to ask.  Next.

-Well... he's a prize fighter, he fights for money, so "he's right" - This fight is worth upwards of 50$ Million Dollars.  If he's fighting for money, he seems to spend an awfully hard time to find fights that will make less money, and a lot of excuses not to fight this one.  Next.

-He's just "keeping it real" - Hopefully racism, ignorance, and idiocy don't equal keeping it real.  If he was keeping it real he'd say - look, I'm rich enough, there's too much risk with this guy, and I just don't want to fight him.  What he wouldn't do is invent steriod theories out of thin air and propogate them as fact.  That's keeping it B.S.

-It's "all strategy" - This one I've had the hardest time with.  Can someone really be so smart and fail to articulate even basic thoughts without provocation?  So let's say he's the master strategist:  If he is, it isn't all encompassing. It's in his ability to confuse and marginalize fans into believing anything he spouts that defends his position.  Floyd has been the one making ludicrous demands.  this falls apart when you go - look dude, just make the fight under the rules, you're not a rulemaker, so... do you want a piece of him or not.   Instead... floyd waves his staff and the sheep say "baaaaaaah."


-He's the "ultimate promoter" , who cares if you pay to see him win or lose, you pay!  Kudos.  This is true.. in this case it's false though.  Because he's gotta take a fight to promote it.   And really, isn't he trying to be the greatest boxer ever, not the greatest promoter?

-If you can back it up, then why not? While I completely 100% agree with that statement, it has no business here.  Why?  What is he backing up?  He's hiding behind a video camera talking about sushi and barbeque dogs.  Dude... get in the ring.  End of discussion.  I refuse to believe most people (even his most ardent supporters) would rather hear this clown talk about midgets and power pellets than watch him stand across the ring from the P4P king (an opinion shared by myself, Ring Magazine, and ESPN, and Yahoo Sports - the largest fan vote on the planet).  It's a joke.

Floyd... the only think you make more than money is excuses.  You are a sad, sad little man.

But hey... it's cool, because "that's just Fight."


(and I love how half of Floyd's quotes trigger the spell check mechanism - hilarious!)