AC Milan: Does AC Milan Posses the Best Attacking Lineup In the World?

Ivan SoldoCorrespondent IISeptember 3, 2010

Only in a couple days, AC Milan turned things around.


Milan was expected to have one more bad transfer campaign.

President Berlusconi and Vice-president Galiani decided to bring happiness on Milan fans faces.


On August 28th, Milan loaned amazing striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Barcelona. Also, their is an option for Milan to purchase him outright from Barcelona for 24 million €.

Barcelona wasn't happy, although Ibrahimovic scored 21 goals!! Amazing Barcelona management! They proved to everyone how bad they are in selling their players.



On the last day of transfer window, August 31th, AC Milan announced signing of fast Brazilian, Robinho. Rossoneri payed 18 million € for his services.

Milan coach Allegri was very thankful for this gift and he honestly didn't know that Robinho is actually coming. Now, Allegri is ready to bring Milan Serie A title finally!


Today, Milan future looks very bright. They have probably the best attacking lineup in the world.

Just look at this attacking lineup:










This looks like a attack from dreams. This attack should score a lot of goals this season.

Milan still needs to focus on defense problems. Khaladze finally moved to another club (Genoa).

We can finally say that new era just began in AC Milan!