2010 US Open Fight: 10 Craziest Fan Brawls in Sports (With Video)

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2010

2010 US Open Fight: 10 Craziest Fan Brawls in Sports (With Video)

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    There is no other entertainment outlet that evokes the same level of passion as sports. In every sport, diehard fans exist that will defend their teams seemingly to the death, and sometimes fans can cross the line.

    While trash-talking is normal at any sporting event, some fans get so heated that they actually resort to violence.

    And to bystanders, it's awesome!

    With recent brawls at the US Open and the University of Miami's opening game, we're all pretty pumped to see some carnage.

    If you don't want to see some violence, then you might want to skip the Dodgers game.

    Maybe go see a musical.

10. Brawl at Dodger Stadium

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    This brawl happened between fans, security, and police officers when the Dodgers played the Phillies in the NLCS playoffs.

    This fight was apparently started when a Giants fan wore his gear to the game and Dodgers fans didn't exactly take a liking to him.

    Even though it isn't the brightest idea to wear Giants garb to a Dodgers game, this fight supposedly broke out because of enraged Dodgers fans harassing the Giants fan.

    No matter how the fight started, it makes for a very entertaining video.

9. 2010 US Open

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    At the US Open last night, a young fan was apparently intoxicated and was disturbing other fans in attendance. After a lengthy verbal altercation with a middle-aged woman, drunkie was old-man attacked.

    Almost instantly, other fans and security surrounded the young man, and he was escorted out of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

    The lady did slap the young man in the face, but he was pretty out of line.

    There is some pretty foul language in this video.

8. Florida A&M at Miami 2010

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    After the Canes beat up on Florida A&M last night, some fans decided that they weren't ready to end the battle. Some pretty serious punches were thrown, and a few guys were even thrown down the stairs and over seats.

    It looks like they're fighting in a basically empty stadium.

    Only in Miami.

    Go home, boys.

7. Red Sox Fan Takes on the Cops

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    "I fought the law, and it took three cops to arrest me."

    This woman is either really tough...or really stupid.

    I believe that's called "resisting arrest."

    Especially when you try to headbutt a police officer.

6. Broncos Fan Takes on a Few Browns Fans

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    Well, we know now why they call it "liquid courage." You'd have to have a few drinks in you to think you could take on a mob of angry Browns fans.

    I don't know what's worse: the fight or the fact that so many people are wearing Brady Quinn jerseys.

5. Indians at Angels 2009

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    The guy in the white shirt apparently started this whole thing, and the guy in black helps him out with his little striptease.

    It's amazing how the "drink throw" is the universal sign that the fight is on!

    And are those the ushers in Anaheim? Pretty goofy-looking uniforms.

4. Hockey Parents

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    If you think soccer moms are bad, then you haven't been to enough youth hockey games.

    These parents are crazy.

    So crazy that they attack the referee!

3. Fight in Giants Stadium

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    These guys might have just talked it out, but it looks like a woman decided to escalate the fight.

    Gotta love the big kid in black blindly throwing his fist into the crowd.

2. Bills Fan

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    This chick was apparently smoking in the stadium, and when she was asked to stop, she attacked the couple sitting near her in the stands.

    You'd think that after the second time she fell over two rows of seats she'd give it up. Have to love her enthusiasm.

1. Detroit Tigers Fans

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    What would be the best way to start off the season?

    We got it! Let's start an all-out brawl outside the stadium.

    Detroit keeps it classy.