5 Reasons to Watch Arizona/Toledo

Adam WildeContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

5 Reasons to Watch Arizona/Toledo

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    So you just watched Steve Spurrier's offense finally work in a 41-13 dismantling of Southern Miss.

    Then you tuned into a thrilling Utah/Pittsburgh game that left you on edge.

    You ended the night by laughing at Lane Kiffin, and his father while they almost got beat by a Hawai'i team who has to compete with Waikiki for fans to come to the game.

    So why should you watch a seemingly boring Arizona/Toledo game? Here are 5 reasons why.

5. The 2009 Holiday Bowl

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    Let’s face it, Arizona’s 0-33 to Nebraska was embarrassing. Players love bowl games because it gives them a chance to segway into the offseason with excitement about the upcoming season. This loss was deflating. Arizona couldn’t get the ball moving, or stop an average Nebraska offense.

    By smashing Arizona, Nebraska was thrusted into the BCS/National Title conversation- even though they still haven’t proven they can score against anyone else (7-9 loss to Iowa State anyone?). This game should be fun to watch to see Arizona get some redemption- and to prove that their offense is not anemic. 

4. Nick Foles

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    Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, Kevin Riley, even Darron Thomas- where is Nick Foles in the offseason chatter? As a sophomore Nick Foles threw for 2,486 yards and 19 touchdowns to only 9 interceptions. His completion rate was also a solid 63.8%.

    Who isn’t excited to see him sling the ball around against a porous Toledo defense? Nick Foles has an NFL build (6’5” 245 lbs.) and the hair to match it. I have a feeling that by the end of the season Nick Foles will move more into the Pac-10 limelight as he continues to perform on the field.

3. Arizona's Running Game

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    Nic Grigsby was a thousand yard back in 2008, and was going to eclipse that mark again before an injury hindered his junior campaign. He averaged 7.2 yards per carry on his way to 567 yards rushing- he is a home run hitter.

    In stepped Keola Antolin, who has a similar build, and ran for 637 yards while averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Both are premium backs who shouldn’t have a problem carving up the Toledo defense. It should be quite a sight to watch these running backs in conjunction with Nick Foles and the Arizona passing attack absolutely manhandle Toledo.

2. Early Clue Into the Pac-10 Race

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    Arizona emerged last year as a contender in a newly competitive Pac-10.  Before that they were just the school that turned out a decent NFL prospect every few years. The Pac-10 is more wide open this year than it has been since before USC’s streak- and even though USC is not eligible for post-season play, their performance last night against an irrelevant Hawai’i only adds to the belief that even ‘Zona has a shot. 

    So much time has been spent this offseason dissecting the Pac-10 it will be interesting to find out finally if Arizona has game.

1.Because the Alternative Is Temple/Villanova

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    In case you had forgotten, Temple lost this game a year ago 24-27- and Villanova went on to win the FCS National Championship. That still doesn’t qualify this game as a battle between two heavy weights however.

    So what Al Golden had a 9-4 season last year, raising Temple slightly out of the doldrums of college football, and who cares about Bernard Pierce who has his own Heisman campaign (prematurely). It is still a MAC team facing off against an FCS team. College football just started, and nobody wants to see a pillow fight.