Brett Favre Will Make the New York Jets Better...But Not Much

Mike Dussault@PatsPropagandaSenior Analyst IAugust 6, 2008

If you're a Buffalo Bills fan, you might be glad you went to sleep before the news broke late Wednesday night. 

Brett Favre is a New York Jet, and it looks like the biggest hole on Jets' roster has just been filled. Sorry Chellen Clemington!

How much better are the Jets with the Packer legend?

Better, but not challenge-the-Patriots-for-the-AFC-East better.

Let's not forget that Favre wasn't good in 2005 and 2006. 

No one's quite sure how he pulled last season out of his butt, but that was in an offense he was well familiar with and a team that was built around him.

Now he goes to the Jets, who are nearly two weeks into training camp.

Is Brett ready to master an entirely new offense? Doesn't seem like he's sure about much of anything these days.

And it's probably a pretty safe bet he much preferred the warm climate and familiar offense in Tamp Bay.

Word out of the Favre camp was pretty consistent since the trade rumors popped up: Brett did not want to go to New York.

Now that's where he's going.

The Jets were reportedly offering a third-round draft pick, which could escalate to a first rounder if Favre hits certain performance incentives. They also offered the Packers a chance to never have to lose to Brett Favre unless they met in the Super Bowl.

It makes too much sense for the Packers, and if that's not where Brett wanted to go, so what. He had held them hostage for too long.

So now Brett shows up just in time to watch the Jets' first preseason game against Cleveland. It will be another couple days before he gets into an actual practice. Then he'll have three preseason games to get it all down.

The Jets play the Patriots in a little over a month, which is not much time. Losing at home in Week Two would make November's trip to Foxboro even more daunting.

AFC East crown? Probably a tall order.

Wild-card Berth? Totally possible. Sorry Bills, Browns, and Titans.

Things will definitely be more interesting this year in the AFC East. With the Pats previously creampuff schedule, I'm glad two more games just got a whole lot more interesting.